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I understand your concerns and the problems as well. Your stories brought tears to my eyes. I also understand that it says on the boxes of the Sergeant’s Silver Squeeze-On For Cats and Kittens that it is a pesticide. It has it under HAZARDS TO DOMESTIC ANIMALS. I haven’t had any problems with my kittykat and using Hartz. I’ve used Hartz on a couple of my animals before and haven’t had any problems with any of them. Course that was probably because I’ve never gone past the first 2 doses of the medicine before either. I will take all of your messages against the products under close consideration before using it again the next time. Yes my kittykat has been scratching still, but i did notice that the fleas were flocking to the areas where you shouldn’t put the products. I also have given my kittykat a flea bath before I used the product and more than the Hartz medicine killed so far were killed in that one bath. I also gave my kittykat a dial antibacterial tropical soap bath 2 days after I put the medicine on my kittykat. I also live in the basement so it stays very cool down here (maybe that plays a factor into that as well). I haven’t noticed very much change in my kittykat’s behaviors at all, except that he stays away from the bathroom now (hah hah he doesn’t like taking baths very much). There was an intense amount of fleas on my kittykat before I put the flea stuff on him. I have just used Hartz ultragaurd flea and tick furniture/carpet spray on the carpets and furniture today. I know there are ups and downs to all products on the shelves, so I will just watch my kittykat’s behavior for now. I have heard good things and bad things about these products and i have never had a problem with them before this either. I was, however, wondering about the bad side of the product as well and you cleared that up very good. If there is any changes at all in my kittykat then I will post it and i will also go to the vet’s with my kittykat. Thanx very much for the information. I have noticed that he has sneezed lately, tho he sneezes all the time when the seasons change. I may have to further look into that one closely. I am also using a flea collar. I have noticed with the flea collars that it didn’t work very well cuz when i moved into the basement with my kittykat he didn’t have them but just to be sure my sister and i treated him with flea medicine and put on the collar as well the same day. There shouldn’t have been that many fleas there on him. I also know that bugs continuously evolve from the insecticides and poisons that we use against them. I do wonder if the stuff isn’t working at all. I need to give my kittykat a new bath soon cuz it has been 3 days so far and 1 day so far since the dial bath. I’ve been picking the fleas off of my kittykat and killing them myself and even that has been more than the amount that the medicine has killed so far. I just don’t know what to think anymore. I thought it was working. I’m not sure if it is actually working to kill off any of the fleas so far. I know it’s only been like 4 days since i originally put it on him, but shouldn’t you receive some results after the first 2 days of the products use? For now because i have no income whatsoever i am just going to watch what he does and his behaviors as well. Thanx for the updates.

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