My friends Cat Evana

My friend had a flea problem and it was spreading to the other pets. Evana was the core animal that started with it so she was the only animal to get the treatment (sadly but thankfully) We gave her a bath and put the Hartz Flea and tick treatment on her. She was fine for a while but then disapeared. We thought she was just mad because of the bath. Well the next day we got worried and searched for her. She was hiding underneath my bed. She had been having seizures all night and still was having them.  We rushed her into the Vet and she told us about Hartz and its reputation. She took Evana and gave her an iv and said she would be working on her all night because she had already had the medicine on her for too long. This morning we got the call that she didn’t make it. Her heart gave out. She was only 2 years old.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. Please make sure your-vet reports this to Hartz and the EPA same thing happened to my daughters cat. Hartz will try to blame you but they have to report deaths. Spread the word.

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