Lucky Ones?

First I wanted to say sorry to those of you who losts your pets, or spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills to save your animal, So very sad.
Second, I believe I need to add another victim to the list, our dog Ryley. He is alive and well.., but think I now know the reason for his unknown illness/ behavior. I saw a posting of this site on Facebook and my mouth dropped! Our dog was treated with this product just a few weeks ago and not 48 hours later, began yipping, as if he was in pain, stopped eating, drinking and wouldn’t come out of his kennel. Being a weekend, I waited until Monday to call our local vet. After 45 mins of questions and a couple tests. The vet had no idea what was wrong, and told us he needed blood work, xrays and pain meds to keep him comfortable ..a grand total of around $800, this is just to possibly find out what’s wrong!! We LOVE our animals, but we have kids to feed and bills to pay, so we declined the tests and took him home. We tried everything that week, even fed him by hand, he would barely lift his head. I would hold his head and cry, telling him I was sorry, because we couldn’t fix it. I thought he was dying. On a very hot day, we decided putting him in our little pool to cool off was a good idea, maybe perk him up a bit, That same night, he started to come around. Eating again, barking, playing…He was his old self!
All I can figure is this product must have poisoned him. I’m not 100% positive, but what else could it be?
I know I will be telling my family and friends to stay away! Don’t take the chance! Pay the extra money and get flea treatment from a vet! It may save your pets life!

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