Hartz bad for pets for sure

I have a Saint and a Japanese Chin. Both have been treated as directed with the green shampoo and flea treatment in the small tubes once a month as directed. The dogs still itch repeatedly and their hair is falling out and they won’t stop shedding. This stuff is terrible. Now their skin is raw, so we’ve switched to other products instead. I bought it because it was inexpensive, but now my pets are paying the price:(

2 thoughts on “Hartz bad for pets for sure”

  1. I put the UltraGuard Pro (weighing over 30 lbs) on my German Shepard/Collie mix and within a short time all her hair fell off on her back. 6 months later her hair still will not grow back and her nice pink skin has turned to black. It has ruined my beautiful dog. Am trying to put salve on her back cause it has dried her up really bad but do not know if it will work….

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