Miss Chloe ,Mya Jasmine & Princess Paige

I am so upset , Gave my cat Miss Chloe this product and she miscarried her litter of kittens within a week of the treatment , waiting and watching for any other side effects . Mya Jasmine is a 2 yr old lab mix and is having serious skin issues , Princess paige is a pug/ jack russel mix and about 12 yrs old , her seizures are getting worse and she has very bad hot spots on her entire body . I am so upset that this product is still being sold ,and that I didnt hear about any of this untill after i treated the animals with it 🙁

3 thoughts on “Miss Chloe ,Mya Jasmine & Princess Paige”

  1. You would think Facebook would be enough to get the word out. I have written to Ellen Degeneres and Cesar Milan I tell everyone I know. I put slips of paper everywhere that sells Hartz all we can do is keep spreading the word.

  2. We didn’t hear anything until after too. It’s terrible. I wrote my story here also. Piccasso Betsy baby girl Polly Ralph mitsy. My family and I have been telling everyone about what this product does. Hopefully soon the word will get around. My thoughts are with you. Did your animals make it?

  3. I’ve put up a paper on the board at my job and telling everyone. I see less of it at Wallmart but it’s still there.

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