from a friend of mine who is a vet tech…

from her facebook post…

Carla Hampton Frazier
about an hour ago ยท
I don’t usually post negative comments about products, but I feel I need to share this info. One of our clients lost a dog last night due to an adverse reaction from a Hartz flea drop product. I had heard plenty of rumors about the stuff, but I don’t like to pass on rumors. She called me yesterday afternoon about the dog’s strange behavior. Our doctor was out, so I had to send her somewhere else. They were not able to save him. The vet’s office told her to file a claim with Hartz. Said they knew they would pay “because we have had to do it before.” This was a 4 month old collie/great pyranees mix, not a little teacup chihuahua. I have had people tell me before that of course I would recommend against using the over-the-counter products because I just want to sell what we carry. I really just have the animal’s best interest in mind.

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