Dog sick now

I used the Hartz UltraGuard about a month ago..She’s lazy,not eating much or drinking much..Not sure if it’s from the drops but would like to know..If she’s not better by Monday,she’s going to the Vets..

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  1. ours lost her fur around the spot where i put the drops , so i bathed her every day for a week and all seems fine now. would rather have the fleas,

  2. “She’s lazy,not eating much or drinking much..” these symptoms do not suggest toxicosis from flea insecticides (that’s seizures and muscle spasms) “I used the Hartz UltraGuard about a month ago..” This even more strongly suggests that it was not Hartz products. Toxicosis from the ingredients in Hartz products produces rapid acute symptoms, not something that takes a month to manifest.

    More than likely, if your dog had a flea/tick problem, it contracted a flea/tick-borne disease.

  3. My dog was posioned with this it has a toxin called metoprene which is deadly in a certain amount. Today I used it on my dog and she began losing balance, responsiveness, and couldn’t barely walk, she swayed side to side when she sat up, its been about 7 hours and she can barely move. This product is suppose to take one tube to be harmfully dog did not consume but a few licks on the back where they tell you to put the product with the posion where they can lick it. On the side effects it does not mention any real problems like tremors, unresponsiveness, seizures, death, loss of motor controls.This is all from the chemical they add. I think the people affected need to stand against them for not warning us of the harm their chemical causes and not knowing the how much is dangerous to our animals

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