Rocky our dog & Sasse our cat

Several years ago my husband and I bought Hartz Flea drops for our dog and cat. We applied the drops to the back of their necks as indicated on the package. Afterwards our dog started throwing up, and our cat seemed to be twitching a lot. Rocky never recovered and continued throwing up. He lost half his body weight before we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. At the time for whatever reason we did not suspect it was the flea drops because Sasse improved after that day. However we reapplied a second dose to Sasse shortly after we put Rocky down. She immediately started twitching and acting very strange. I washed the medicatuion off as best I could but she continued to get worse. After a shrt while she seemed to go blind, banging into things and falluing down. I was very concerned for her at this point, but after a short while her sight seemed to come back.. She continued to be “twitchy”. By very early the next mroning Sasse started having seizures every 10 seconds. We rushed her to the animal hospital in Saskatoon and for the next week they struggled to stabilize her. She ended up having such bad seizures that she lost her vision. We spent a great deal of money to save her life and the vet that was in charge of her care along with the team of specialists that worked on Sasse determined that it was the flea medication that caused her illness. She was a healthy 1.5 year old cat prior to these drops being used on her. Sasse continued to have seizures
daily for the rest of her life. We had medication prescribed by her vet to help lessen the severity of them, but after some time the medication was not as effective. Her seizures started to become more severe and it was very hard to watch her have them when she would litterally be hitting walss and anything else that got in the way of her when she was having them. After 5 years of lovingly taking care of her, we made the difficult decision to put her to sleep as well. I wrote Hartz a letter, detailing her reaction to the medication they still sell. Hartz denied, despite me having the backing of the University of Saskatchewans Vet Hospital, any liability in her illness. I sent them al the documentation of Sasses’ care and diagnosis. They did not care and still do not care. I lost two beautiful animals because of their poison. I tell everyone I can and discourage people from buying their products. I work in a grocery store and have told people I see buying these products my story. Many have put those products down and not bought them because of my story. I will continue telling people and have no problems doing so. Shame on Hartz for continuing to sell products that are clearly harming and killing animals.

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  1. What did your vet tell you? What tests were run by the vet prior to making the decision to put rocky down? I’m trying to understand what was the uncurable diagnoses that influence your decision to put him down so other might be able to avoid this.

  2. What’s so weird about your case, is that the cat was definitely receiving a toxic dose of pyrethroids, but what’s so weird, is that your dog reacted so much worse… dogs are less sensitive to pyrethroids than cats are…

    Though, I suppose the main factor is that the dog was throwing up and thus unable to keep itself hydrated/fed. Clearly, because it lost so much weight. … what a weird reaction…

    What products specifically did you use on them? If you accidentally used a dog flea drop on your cat, then it’s well known to be toxic, and life-threatening.

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