Tommy Dying on the floor

Man, I can’t believe this shit, SO F***N SAD. Try to do a good thing and help my little kitty get rid of his fleas, but then 2 hrs later, he’s peeing blood, shaking, vomitting, and salivating, HARTZ products, should never be used. Not until after i looked up his symptoms did i then discover, 1000’s of ppl have reported death after using it in thier animals. NOw they will only pay for the bloodwork. Hes getting putdown tomorrow..R.I.P Tommy.. ?

4 Replies to “Tommy Dying on the floor”

  1. How horrible! Your poor little cat! How can they sell these products? Where are the consumer protection people? Still enjoying their three-martini lunch?

    There is nothing I can say that is any help to you, but what you have said will save the life of my own cat, Princess, and with all my heart I thank you for that!


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know that it is hard, but please don’t blame yourself. You were trying to help your cat, not hurt it. The people that continue to sell these products and profit from such suffering are the people at fault.

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