Dog skin burned by Hartz

Three weeks ago, we bathed our dog just like normal.  The following day he started bleeding and it looked like he was burned by something.  We rushed him to the emergency vet clinic immediately.  They had never seen anything like it.  The burn kept spreading as the night progressed.  The following day my vet of 20 years asked my if I was using an over the counter flea product.  I trold him about the “like normal bath”  and he showed me pictures of three identical cases, at his office over this same time frame.   $3000.00 later my dog is recovering but SERIOUSLY……   My vet has called the FDA considering………

4 thoughts on “Dog skin burned by Hartz”

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  2. “Three weeks ago, we bathed our dog just like normal” … what does “like normal” even mean? You didn’t clarify what product you used or anything.

    All the baths that I have given my cats have just been water, and shampoo…

  3. my dogs have had this problem with burnt skin but all over their back starting at the neck .one is now better but the other is recovering the vet really does not think it is the frontline but i am not convinced and after reading these stories i think it could well be .he has the frontline box so i cannot compare the ingredients but i certainly will be passing these comments to him .thankyou for enlightening us all on this problem.

  4. HI I have a cat patches and gave him this Hartz Flea Treatment the next day the hair was coming off of his neck. I wasn’t quite sure of what it was I figured it may have been that treatment so I stopped it dead in its tracks. I am glad it didn’t make my cat sick like the other poor animals on this site.

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