My cat is almost 16 years old now, still with the life of a 4 year old. She had fleas, so after about a month without the flea medicine from frontline, i bought her a flea collar because we had just had the house exterminated for fleas, to make sure they didnt come back for a while. (to stop having to pay for frontline). I buy a flea collar to keep remaining flea eggs from hatching and living on the cat, to reduce the risk of it happening again, and trying to save my mom money… BIG MISTAKE.
The flea collar only a couple weeks in made my cats neck raw on one side, covered in a giant scab about and inch in length and 3/4 of one in width. She also has a few other scabs around her neck area, but at first I thought it was from a fight with a cat that jumped over our fence and happened to land on my cat.
I looked up pictures of the side effects from the flea collar, and it looks like thats what could have happened if i let it stay on there for a few months like it said on the package. That’s disgusting. what if my cat of FIFTEEN AND A HALF YEARS since I was 3 died because she was poisoned by something that I THOUGHT was going to help her, but really I was poisoning her.

Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick drops almost killed my dog

I put Hartz Ultraguard flea & tick drops on my large Aussie with no reaction, but my small Aussie was poisoned by just playing with him. At first he was wired and seeing moving things that weren’t there. As he progressed he lost all balance and depth perception.
We rushed him to the vet hospital, he was in ICU for 2 days. We didn’t think he was going to make it. He tremored and shuttered for a week. I called Hartz and they told me that they had never heard of anything like this before. What a crock. I had them transfer me to there medical emergency vet and I got the same from her. Luckily we had taken him to a great vet hospital and they knew how to handle poisoned dogs. I was amazed that Hartz would lie to me and even more amazed when I found this website. Hartz should be ashamed of themselves for selling these products that hurt so many animals.

My dogs mouth swollen (border collie)

I put some hartz on my dog before, but this time I think he licked some off of him. I woke up this morning to find that his mouth/cheeks were swollen! I’m not taking him to the vet! I did wash the area it was applied with soup and the swelling has gone down a bit. I also have been giving him ice cubes. I love my dog like my family and he will NEVER be given this stuff again!

Its time we act before more innocent animals die!

Obviously Hartz isn’t listening to our pleas. Day after day, more posts are showing up on this site with heart wrenching stories of loved pets falling ill due to these toxic products. THIS MUST END NOW! After brainstorming, I came up with several potential methods we can go about to stop these atrocities.

1) Sue Hartz. This is an expensive process, however there is plenty of evidence to support the lawsuit.

2) Threaten to sue your local pet store if they do not stop selling Hartz’s products. Make a big stink to the manager! Chances are they want to avoid bad publicity, so threaten to carry out plan 3, 4, or 5.

3) Go to your local pet store and put stickers on harmful Hartz products warning potentially buyers of the dangers.

Something like “Warning! This product will injure or kill your pet”

4) Protest outside of your local pet store. Call the local media. The media loves stories about pets, so chances are they would be receptive.

5) Direct Action: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_action


My heart goes out to all of you and your pets. Love!

Update to Hartz is killing my cat

She’s recovered a bit since the weekend, no seizures and her hair has stopped falling out. I have an ointment to rub on her skin to help it heal. She did throw up all of her food once, but she’s been eating since then. I have to keep an eye out for signs of kidney failure because plenty of people have said that can happen even a couple weeks after using the product.

Here are a few pictures of the damage this product has done to my cat: http://imgur.com/a/flOwl

my poor kitty

Last week I applied HARTZ flea and tick drops between my cats shoulder blades. The next day I noticed his skin was red and his hair was falling out. I never use this stuff and now feel really bad. It was too late to try to wash it off so i used a cool wet wash cloth to sooth his skin. I have been using triple antibiotic ointment 2 times a day and he’s not getting any better. Now he has no fur where I used the HARTZ and his skin is so irritated and red. I can’t believe this stuff is still on the shelves in stores all over the world. I think the maker and employees of HARTZ should all be rubbed down with their products and see how they like it!

What to do if you used a Hartz product

Have you just used a HARTZ Product and realized something was wrong. You just looked up the product and found this website and are horrified of what you possibly just did to your beloved pet. That is what happened to me. Here is a step by step process of what you should do. Saved my dogs life!

1) Immediately wash and scrub the area the product was applied with Dawn dish soap. Dawn will cut the grease and remove the oily product better than any other soap. Wash pet once concentrating on the area. Dry. Then bathe the entire animal with Dawn and dry with a new towel. If your pet feels greasy or don’t feel like you got the product off wash and repeat, always drying with a new towel until you feel you have it all off.     * The longer the product is on the worse it is because it is seeping into their blood stream.

2) Remove any pet beds, blankets, bedding, clothes, collars etc. that may have product residue on them to prevent contamination.

3) Call your vet immediately. Explain the product you use and the symptoms. Ex: is the problem on the outside skin irrations or the inside convulsions, lathargic, unresponsive, hyper, breath smells really bad (unusual foal odor from mouth and snout is a sign of pets becoming acidic, leads to kidney failure)

4) Push your pet to drink lots of water. If you can’t get them to drink try to get them to eat wet/canned food.  It has a high moisture content. You can also mix it with some water so they are getting more fluids. You want to try and flush the system.  This product causes kidney failure so pushing fluids is a  must.

5) Keep a detailed log of the symptoms and times.  Keep all the product information you used.

6) Do not leave your pet unattended and follow all vet orders.

hartz flea shampoo

Abouth a month ago, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog. That same day, I went and buy her some food, toys, a bed and hartz flea shampoo ( the green one). I gave her a bath that day and everything was ok. Two weeks passed, and I decided to gave my dog another bath with the same shampoo. Right after the bath, I noticed that my dog ( who is always very hyper) was very sad. I didn’t pay much attention because I was leaving  to work. When I arrived at work, I notice that my hands were very red. I thought that it was an alergic reaction and put some benadryl cream  in them. Soon, there was an itchy and burning sensation and the benadryl didn’ t seem to relieve. The next day,  I notice blisters in my fingers and the pain was a lot worse. I went to my work almost crying with te pain, and while working, the blisters started to grew bigger and bigger. The Next day, I decided to visit a dermatologist, who told me that it was a chemical burn (2nd degree) caused by the hartz shampoo. I could not believe it. My hands are ugly: red, swollen, with blisters and peeling. She send me on a couse of 2 week antibiothics, prednisone, silvadene, aloe vera, bandages, pain medications and hydroquinone for the black spots. This have been a nightmare. I can’t even sleep at night with the pain and my hands look awfull. I have missed two weeks of work thanks to hartz shampoo. Luckily, my dog didn’t suffer from any burnings. The next day, she was ok.

Flea Collar chemically burned a ring around my cat’s neck

I rescued my cat while she was still relatively young. I’ve had her for about 8 months now. She hasn’t really ever been outside, and I keep a pretty clean house, but she somehow got fleas. I went to my local Wal-Mart and bought a Hartz flea collar two weeks ago. As I was petting her this morning, I noticed scabbing along the outlines of the collar. I took it off to find this:

I called Wal Mart to try and get them to take it off their shelves but they told me it had to come from higher. I also contacted the company, and I was told that it was my fault, and that I had put the collar on too tight.

I am currently working on trying to have their products banned. How can a company that’s dedicated to bettering the lives of animals make products that can kill them?

A very Sick Great Dane

My Great Dane puppy of 12 weeks was starting to get a few ticks playing out on our farm. I had planned on bringing her in to be Frontlined at the vet but couldn’t find a time frame open that worked in the near future. My dog is a purebred, and receives only the best everything. I did hours of research to find her the best food, chew toys, training and everything. I saw Hartz Ultra Guard while passing through the pet aisle a few days ago.  I thought I would just pick some up and use it for the first month before she goes to the vet worried she would a get disease from ticks. I applied the correct dose for her age and weight last night around 10pm. Within an hour she was sneezing uncontrollably and her eyes were watering.  I finally got her to go to sleep. This morning she would not come too. Still breathing yes, but extremely lethargic. She would only open her eyes a slit when I would call her or rub her. She is normally a very energetic puppy who is all over you in the morning with kisses. I started to get extremely worried and googled the product. After reading this page I called the vet. She told me to bathe her in Dawn dish soap immediately and that Hartz flea and tick products were known to cause sickness and death.  Right now I am just praying she pulls through. She hasn’t moved from where I laid her after her bath and has been twitching while she sleeps. All I can do is lay beside her and love on her. If she doesn’t start coming around by this evening I am to take her in to be put on IV’s.  


I noticed her breath and snout have a foul odor very unlike her usually sweet puppy breath. I called the vet again and she said this was a sign of kidney failure and to try and force her to drink fluids to flush them. She also informed me that the product is already in the blood stream and there isn’t a lot that can be done except keeping them comfortable and hydrated.


 I am absolutely astonished a product like this can be sold with thousands upon thousands of complaints stemming back over 10 years. I am heart broken and sick to my stomach knowing I did this to her. Praying she pulls through. Please pray for my Bailey!


*** People are pushing the animal abuse cause. Well this is a perfectly loved well cared for dog who is in pain and near death because of a product I bought that was sold in the pet aisle of the local store. Where is the cause to get this poison off the shelf?!