Dog almost died July 2012

Around the 4th of July my 9 year old 60# Beago became violently sick vomiting, bloody diarrhea, lethargic wouldn’t do anything but lay around the house. We really thought he was going to die. At first we just thought it was due to the fireworks every night and his old age but his diarrhea lasted for 10 days. Thinking of what may have caused him to be sick my husband mentioned he just gave him his flea drops prior to him being sick. I dismissed this notion since he has taken them for years. Thanks to a friend on fb who posted this website I found the real culprit. After i read the article I just screamed “Oh My God!” I could not believe a product that I trusted to keep my baby healthy almost killed him. I would rather have fleas in my house than a dead dog! Thanks Hartz! 🙁

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  1. Under no circumstances whatsoever would I apply a toxic substance to my pet’s coat. Tasha is my third dog in about 40 years and neither of them had ever been afflicted by flees. My own grandson had once caught some head lice in school and his father administered a substance with lindane he purchased in a drugstore. I was very upset about this! We should never apply anything toxic to children’s hair and pets’ coats. Often soap and water (i.e. mild shampoo) is all that is necessary to get rid of unwanted guests in children’s hair and coats of animals.

  2. The people that still have there dogs or cats after using Hartz flea & tick spray You are very lucky because I DO NOT have my dog Bud anymore due to that spray. He injested it, I sprayed where they layed & sleept, he licked his paws, next thing you know we have him at the vet he is dying, within 2 days he was gone. The vet could NOT even help my best-friend Bud out. He was a great dog, & thanks to the HARTZ Company I NO longer have my friend just memories.

  3. We use dawn dishwashing liquid to bath our animals it kills fleas dead and does not harm animals just try not to get it in their eyes of course and vinegar and water about half and half in a spray bottle with a small amount of dawn can be sprayed on carpets to kill fleas.I will never use pesticides on my babies they are part of my family.

  4. I have ALWAYS told people NOT to use these OTC “fixes”. First, they usually are not potent enough to resolve the problem you are buying them for and secondly, many are finding they aren’t safe, either.

    Few reports I’ve read on this website do the people even say they took their animals to the vet! I don’t understand. If your animal is acting totally out of character you should not wait to seek veterinary care! Bloody stools, persistant vomiting head to the vet immediately!

  5. I have NEVER used Hartz or any over the counter products on my dogs or cats since my mother in law did on one of my dogs in 1982. It was for worms it was Hartz. The dog was an Irish Setter. She did this for prevention with all good intentions. However, after seizures, etc we went to the veterinarian. It was the Hartz. Our vet explained the dangers in ALL over the counter pet products and we have never took a chance since. And to this day many veterinarians have told us of the same danger. Please stay away from them for ur pets & ur sakes.

  6. None of your dogs symptoms suggest an insecticide toxicosis. The insecticides used in flea drops are neurotoxins, and cause seizures and convulsions. They do not cause bleeding issues.

    They also act very quickly, and an animal would not be left suffering for 10 days with diarrhea…

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