Hartz Ultraguard killed my dog

Duke and Lars are brothers, 3 yrs old, ivory labs. They are healthy and very good boys. Last weekend I purchased Hartz Ultraguard at Walmart – I thought I had bought it in the past, but now see that the last application was Hartz (no ultraguard on the label). The ingredients in these two Hartz products are different. The Ultraguard has a toxin that killed my dog, Duke. Lars threw up twice the day after the drops were applied. Duke stopped eating 5 days after the application and after 2 hrs on IVs, died of internal bleeding. My son had to shoot his dog because he was suffering so badly, and we do not have a night clinic in town. He burried him in the back yard at 2am. It was the worst nightmare I could ever experience. I would have paid anything to save my dear boy, Duke. Now Lars is lost without his brother – it is a pitiful thing that a healthy beautiful dog had to die because of a product that is not safe. How can we get this off of the shelf?

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We are buying these products thinking they are trustworthy and that we are helping our babies. I will keep your family in my prayers, and I sincerely hope that something will be done to get these products off the shelf.

  2. How do u know he was suffering from internal bleeding if you shot him and buried him in the backyard? YOU killed your own dog before even consulting with a vet…. I have used Hartz many times before on all my dogs and cats and never ever had any problems. Im sorry to hear that you lost a family member, but what are u doing giving the medicine to the dog so late for? And why didnt you call an emergency vet listed everywhere online and talk to someone? My cousin is a vet in chicago and she informed me that this doesnt happen that often, like humans, animals have allergies to certain medications also. Always always consult your vet before using any products on your animals.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. Any meds are potentially lethal and flea meds are the same. Some dogs have a defective gene(usually herding breeds) that destroys their ability to protect the brain from them. They actually have a test you can get done at most vet clinics to check for this defect. search dog medication brain blood barrier for more info. Most of this stuff is safe for general dogs but anyone could have a dog without this gene. Young dogs don’t have a developed BBB as well, hence the warning on the products to not apply on young animals.

  4. She knows her dog died of internal bleeding due to him being at the vets. It was her son’s dog that was shot. We used this on our dogs, it did nothing for the fleas. Our beagle since using this product has been chewing herself up. Within 24 hrs of using this on her she started chewing and scratching and got some sore spots. No not all animals are going to react but when there is no many pets getting sick or dieing something needs to be done.

  5. Duke’s Mom…I’m so sorry to hear about your baby 🙁 I know what it is to lose a dog and it’s heart wrenching, especially when you are there watching them in unbearable pain and then being put to sleep. What kind of suffering was going on with your son’s dog? I can’t do anything but feel for you guys. So sorry :'(

  6. I am sorry your dogs had a reaction….
    I have used this on my dogs before, but luckily they didn’t react like this….but it definitely didn’t kill any fleas either

  7. christy Grayson , how horrible you werent there to judge , and to condemn them for it is so wrong . they need sympathy , i wont even say what i think of you

  8. Fist I want to say shame on you Christy Grayson for your very rude and callous comment to this woman who just lost her beloved dog. You are a very cruel person.

    To Duke’s Mom I want to say you have my deepest heart-felt sympathy. I too lost an 18 month old chocolate lab after using Hartz. She was having seizures and internal bleeding, suffered for about 5 hours and then died. She was crying until she took her last breah.

    *Note to Christy Grayson: I know my dog was bleeding internally because she was passing large amounts blood out her rectum. Perhaps Duke’s Mom did not want to go into that kind of detal.

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