Kipper our 5 month old ACD puppy is having SEIZURES!

A month ago I applyed the first of the three month Hartz Ultra Guard for small dogs and puppies. No issues. Then a week ago I applied the 2nd treatment…now today at 1:00 he had a seizure, then another at 5:30, then again at 9:00 and just now another 1:16AM. I JUST a year ago put down my 24 year old English setter and can’t bare to think I’m going to lose Kipper already! And to think I did this to him! Now we live out in the middle of NO WHERE and I can’t get him to a vet until Monday! Will giving him a dawn bath help at all at this point???

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  1. Hello….. Giving Kipper multiple baths has got to helf get any risidual poison off of his skin. You may also want to try over hydrating him. If you have an oral syringe you can give him water in the side of his mouth with his head slightly tilted back as often as you can possibly do it. I am not an Animal care professional but I do have a little Chiuahua that has been sickly for all of her 6 years so we have been through a lot with her. It just makes sense to me to rinse the animals system out with water as much as possible. I truely believe it will help at least till’ you can get him to the vet. Good Luck to you and the Pup !! God Bless You Both !!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your puppy. My heart breaks for you and I will pray for your family. It makes me so angry to think of the people at Hartz profiting on the suffering of the innocent. I hope that someday they pay for what they are doing. Please, don’t blame yourself. You had the best interests of your baby at heart.

  3. im so sorry for you loss and for poor kipper. please in the future buy from a vet. they get details on bad products before we the public do …. its more money but you have a lot less of a chance to buy a bad one. also sometimes it is the temperature that a product is kept at that makes it bad. do not trust a dept store to keep things at the right temps the employees arent knowledgeable on things like that and often times things that should not be above a certain temp do reach that temp that can make them bad. this is not against any single store or company that makes the pet products this can and does happen. so buy from your vet while more expensive they are more trustworthy in keeping medications in the temps they should be stored. i keep seeing the same place that everyone bought this medications from that didnt work. it might have warehouse issues on how this is being kept and transported.

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