Lexi is Gone

My medium size short hair sweetheart, Lexi, died yesterday.  I sprayed her with Sargeant’s Flea and Tick Spray less than a week ago.  She was older, so when she started walking funny, I though her hips were hurting.  From there she went rapidly down hill – she stopped eating, she had muscle tremors, diareaha and kidney shut-down.   She died in my arms  from respiratory arrest – after her neurological system was completely compromised – unable to stand or coordinate, at all.  It was a very traumatic and alarming death for everyone.   I did not find this site until it was too late.  Why are the precautions not listed in BOLD PRINT and symptoms of possible toxicity also noted by this company.  Thank goodness I thought to wash my own hands after using this product.   Now I will forever wonder if I killed my dog or if I could have saved her by giving her a bath.  P.S.  The spray did not even work to “prevent” further infestation for up to a month – she still had fleas on her when she died.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t tell you how many times I questioned my own responsibility for my dog’s tragic death. It certainly wasn’t related to this product but he went from a perfectly healthy 7 year old to dead in a matter of 24 hours. It was so awful to see him go like that, I will never forget those hours. The pain still overcomes me and it has been 9 months. I hope you can be at peace with yourself and always remember your Lexi for the love she brought you. It’s not your fault. <3

  2. Sorry about your dearest one :(. I am guessing some cats and kittens are different than others in concerns with side effects and such of certain products. I use Sargeant’s Flea and Tick Spray and both my dogs and both my cats and they have never had any reaction, its worked wonders for me. May have been the product with your loved one or maybe was already sick. Sorry again for your loss.

  3. Same thing happened with our 7 cats.. We lost all of them in 5 hours mom still blames herself it’s not her fault and it’s not your fault either they know you didn’t mean to hurt them and she will forgive you. If you need someone to talk to that went through the same thing email me at [email protected]

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