My cat is almost 16 years old now, still with the life of a 4 year old. She had fleas, so after about a month without the flea medicine from frontline, i bought her a flea collar because we had just had the house exterminated for fleas, to make sure they didnt come back for a while. (to stop having to pay for frontline). I buy a flea collar to keep remaining flea eggs from hatching and living on the cat, to reduce the risk of it happening again, and trying to save my mom money… BIG MISTAKE.
The flea collar only a couple weeks in made my cats neck raw on one side, covered in a giant scab about and inch in length and 3/4 of one in width. She also has a few other scabs around her neck area, but at first I thought it was from a fight with a cat that jumped over our fence and happened to land on my cat.
I looked up pictures of the side effects from the flea collar, and it looks like thats what could have happened if i let it stay on there for a few months like it said on the package. That’s disgusting. what if my cat of FIFTEEN AND A HALF YEARS since I was 3 died because she was poisoned by something that I THOUGHT was going to help her, but really I was poisoning her.


  1. Some people get bad reactions from wearing silver or copper jewelry. That doesn’t stop people from making jewelry out of those metals, because most people aren’t sensitive.

    It’s definitely possible that your cat was having an allergic reaction to the flea collar, but that doesn’t mean that she was being poisoned. (Hartz flea collars would cause seizures and convulsions if they were poisoning your cat.)

  2. Okay, google Hartz flea collar cat and look at a cars neck that was completely raw 2 inches tall all the way around. Either way she is still a Hartz victim, so you correcting me telling me there wasn’t a poisonous reaction? It burned away her skin.. And it’s still recovering. I don’t know why you felt that it was “possible”, when evidently it was happening?

  3. Flea collar was on my cat for 4 days. I noticed a big piece of her fur came off. I took the collar off and her neck is red and raw all the way around. I feel terrible! What is going on with those collars?!

  4. I’ve used flea collars and drops on my cats since they were old enough for the treatments. They’re determined to be indoor/outdoor cats so I figure I’ll atleast try to keep them comfy. Today I was petting my little Leo when I noticed an irritated spot on his neck. He comes back in with scratches regularly so I just thought it was a particularly nasty spot. But I always check them out and put some Neosporin on it, so I checked it out as normal. When I looked closer I saw that it was not a scratch but a seeping wound. The hair and skin is completely gone and attached to the collar! I’m floored! It looks so bad! He’s never had a reaction before. Neither of my cats has. And I’ve been using they’re products for years. Now I’m freaking out and panicking, reading this page is really scaring me. I’ve been poisoning my babies? I’ve taken the collars off of both of my cats and washed the area on their necks with a warm washcloth and antibacterial soap and now I’m wondering how to treat the wound left. Neosporin? or a Burn cream? He’s deffinately going to the vet. Both of them but until then what can I do?

  5. I’ve had this flea collar on my kitten for 2 days! 2 fricken days! And yes I got the kitten one, and I woke up to him meowing like he was in pain! So I checked his collar and I took it off and it was soaked underneath and he was raw and his hair was gone on one side of his neck! What do I even do now!? I wetted a paper towel and wiped it down! But now he won’t come to me.

  6. There is no doubt this medication is dangerous. My Main Coon scratched under his necknext without my seeing it until it was about 1 1/2 inches square and raw. I noticed it because blood was dripping. It isn’t poison it is a bad skin reaction to a bad product. I should have know going from
    One month to seven was touch to believe. I took it off wash it, put hydrogen peroxide on it then some neosporin and it is healing. $60 down the drain and scared the hell out of me.

  7. Our cat who 6+months old had a flea collar on for four days and she is hairless and raw all along the top of her neck.

  8. My dog has suffered the same thing right now. I gave him a bath and noticed it right away. I am totally heartbroken that these flea collars are doing this.

  9. I have the collar from my 8 year old dog and didn’t have any issues but My 14 year old cat had a reaction. I assumed this is the case like when some ppl are allergic to antibiotics and some are not. Going back to advantage once a month for my kitty

  10. My 2 cats had a collar on for less then a week and ones neck is red and raw and the other one is missing patches of fur. They have been on for 5 days. This is ridiculous

  11. I decided to step outside the comfort zone. Had heard some good things about the collars, as I usually go with the drops. I bought the collars got my 2 cats and 1 dog (we recently puppy sat and were passed fleas). After 3 days of wearing the collars I noticed one of my cats acting truly irritated by it. I picked him up, noticed some blood and immediately panicked, taking the collar off. All 3 of my pets have oozing blisters, irritated skin and lack of hair directly under the collar (made sure to still have room for 2 fingers to fit between the neck as the directions day. Nowhere near tight). Unfortunately, I am $215 down the drain, may or may not still have fleas, but also have to be concerned about the comfort of my pets until their wounds heal.

  12. If the flea collar is too tight, it will cause irritation and wounds because it’s rubbing on the skin. Be sure you can fit at least 3 fingers under the collar comfortably, 4 if it won’t slide off their head. Read and follow the instructions, and you won’t have issues.

    1. I made sure 4 fingers fit it’s the hartz product I didn’t know it was like this until my mother called me when I told her about my cats neck. My mother’s cats all died from them vet confirmed it.

  13. Bathe in dawn bubble bath every 4 days. Apply neoprene to the irritated area twice a day. If itching continues near affected area, give 1/2 children’s benedryl. I am going thru this w Hartz flea collar now. It is an allergic reaction to the material this particular one is made from

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