Update to Hartz is killing my cat

She’s recovered a bit since the weekend, no seizures and her hair has stopped falling out. I have an ointment to rub on her skin to help it heal. She did throw up all of her food once, but she’s been eating since then. I have to keep an eye out for signs of kidney failure because plenty of people have said that can happen even a couple weeks after using the product.

Here are a few pictures of the damage this product has done to my cat: http://imgur.com/a/flOwl

One thought on “Update to Hartz is killing my cat”

  1. If you contact a homeopathic vet they will give you something to protect her kidneys and detoxify her. The two things I know of is Organic burdock root and thuja both can be bought at the health food store. I am not a vet so check with a holistic vet before giving anything,detox and something used to protect her liver and kidneys would be a wise choice.

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