Its time we act before more innocent animals die!

Obviously Hartz isn’t listening to our pleas. Day after day, more posts are showing up on this site with heart wrenching stories of loved pets falling ill due to these toxic products. THIS MUST END NOW! After brainstorming, I came up with several potential methods we can go about to stop these atrocities.

1) Sue Hartz. This is an expensive process, however there is plenty of evidence to support the lawsuit.

2) Threaten to sue your local pet store if they do not stop selling Hartz’s products. Make a big stink to the manager! Chances are they want to avoid bad publicity, so threaten to carry out plan 3, 4, or 5.

3) Go to your local pet store and put stickers on harmful Hartz products warning potentially buyers of the dangers.

Something like “Warning! This product will injure or kill your pet”

4) Protest outside of your local pet store. Call the local media. The media loves stories about pets, so chances are they would be receptive.

5) Direct Action:


My heart goes out to all of you and your pets. Love!

5 thoughts on “Its time we act before more innocent animals die!”

  1. Hartz has actually filed lawsuits to force several large pet store chains to keep their product on the shelves so suggestion 2 (and maybe suggestion 4) won’t work, unfortunately.

  2. Item #3 is illegal…it’s vandalism and you can be prosecuted… most stores have security cameras so you’ll likely get caught. I’m on this site because my dog had a bad reaction to the stuff so and I love the protest idea but vandalism could end up with you having to pay for damages and that would stink.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the sticker idea. If we can’t do that, what about printing bumper stickers for our cars. Or making huge signs to put in the front window of your house or in your yard so every passer by can see it? Just some suggestions. There has to be something we can do. Thank God, I use frontline but these stories are horrible. I have a 6 year old boxer whom I delivered and bottle fed. He is family. I would be WAY beyond angry if I had ever used this on him. I have been an animal lover from birth according to my mom lol So let’s all get our heads together & find something that works to warn others. I have already plastered Facebook with this website. Open to suggestions… and will follow through 🙂

  4. I took a sharpie and a post it out of my purse at Walmart and left a note in the pet aisle warning that these product are vile and can do much more harm than good. If even one person puts the poison down, walks away and tells their friends then I will feel like I made at least a small contribution to the cause.

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