What to do if you used a Hartz product

Have you just used a HARTZ Product and realized something was wrong. You just looked up the product and found this website and are horrified of what you possibly just did to your beloved pet. That is what happened to me. Here is a step by step process of what you should do. Saved my dogs life!

1) Immediately wash and scrub the area the product was applied with Dawn dish soap. Dawn will cut the grease and remove the oily product better than any other soap. Wash pet once concentrating on the area. Dry. Then bathe the entire animal with Dawn and dry with a new towel. If your pet feels greasy or don’t feel like you got the product off wash and repeat, always drying with a new towel until you feel you have it all off.     * The longer the product is on the worse it is because it is seeping into their blood stream.

2) Remove any pet beds, blankets, bedding, clothes, collars etc. that may have product residue on them to prevent contamination.

3) Call your vet immediately. Explain the product you use and the symptoms. Ex: is the problem on the outside skin irrations or the inside convulsions, lathargic, unresponsive, hyper, breath smells really bad (unusual foal odor from mouth and snout is a sign of pets becoming acidic, leads to kidney failure)

4) Push your pet to drink lots of water. If you can’t get them to drink try to get them to eat wet/canned food.  It has a high moisture content. You can also mix it with some water so they are getting more fluids. You want to try and flush the system.  This product causes kidney failure so pushing fluids is a  must.

5) Keep a detailed log of the symptoms and times.  Keep all the product information you used.

6) Do not leave your pet unattended and follow all vet orders.

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  1. I had an older cat about 12 yrs ago, I used Hartz Flea & Tick Drops on her,not long after she started acting like I put acid on her, I (stupid me) just thought it was the smell she was objecting to, she was squinting and acting weird. Not long after she started becoming uncoordinated, falling while when trying to get up on things she used to jump on with ease. She then had a stroke, it broke my heart watching her. One scary thing was she would just be sitting on the floor and the next thing her face would be smushed into the carpet and she’d be barely breathing. Well she was put on strong drugs by my Vet but it just made her worse, she went down hill but hung on for about 4 months until the day she just looked at me and meowed as she lay on the floor, I knew she was telling me it was time for her to go. I didn’t realize it was the Flea Products that I was using was harming/killing my little love ones until now.

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