my poor kitty

Last week I applied HARTZ flea and tick drops between my cats shoulder blades. The next day I noticed his skin was red and his hair was falling out. I never use this stuff and now feel really bad. It was too late to try to wash it off so i used a cool wet wash cloth to sooth his skin. I have been using triple antibiotic ointment 2 times a day and he’s not getting any better. Now he has no fur where I used the HARTZ and his skin is so irritated and red. I can’t believe this stuff is still on the shelves in stores all over the world. I think the maker and employees of HARTZ should all be rubbed down with their products and see how they like it!

2 thoughts on “my poor kitty”

  1. Wash your cat with dish soap, and then take her to a Veterinarian. Ask for a depo-medrol injection for the inflamed skin. If you are having financial issues reject everything, but the injection. Ointments sometimes to more harm then good, and will not help with the inflammation of the skin. Advantage is available almost everywhere now with competitive pricing, and is much safer than Hartz.

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