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Abouth a month ago, my husband and I decided to adopt a dog. That same day, I went and buy her some food, toys, a bed and hartz flea shampoo ( the green one). I gave her a bath that day and everything was ok. Two weeks passed, and I decided to gave my dog another bath with the same shampoo. Right after the bath, I noticed that my dog ( who is always very hyper) was very sad. I didn’t pay much attention because I was leaving  to work. When I arrived at work, I notice that my hands were very red. I thought that it was an alergic reaction and put some benadryl cream  in them. Soon, there was an itchy and burning sensation and the benadryl didn’ t seem to relieve. The next day,  I notice blisters in my fingers and the pain was a lot worse. I went to my work almost crying with te pain, and while working, the blisters started to grew bigger and bigger. The Next day, I decided to visit a dermatologist, who told me that it was a chemical burn (2nd degree) caused by the hartz shampoo. I could not believe it. My hands are ugly: red, swollen, with blisters and peeling. She send me on a couse of 2 week antibiothics, prednisone, silvadene, aloe vera, bandages, pain medications and hydroquinone for the black spots. This have been a nightmare. I can’t even sleep at night with the pain and my hands look awfull. I have missed two weeks of work thanks to hartz shampoo. Luckily, my dog didn’t suffer from any burnings. The next day, she was ok.

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  1. I hope you reported all this to Hartz and the EPA they might actually listen if a person has been harmed. I’m sorry for your pain but maybe you could be the advocate our fur babies need. Glad your dog is okay but as I have suspected this stuff is worse the more you use it.

  2. Just as an FYI to pet owners (and you can check this with your vet) ANY soap, INCLUDING dawn dish soap will kill fleas, you DO NOT need special flea shampoo. You must lather the soap and let it sit for 15 minutes on the animal before rinsing but this will kill all fleas on the animal.

  3. We recently purchased the Hartz flea drops from K-Mart for 2 dogs -one about 8 pounds =the other around 20 which means we had to buy 2 separate treatments for a total of $23.00. We applied the drops when we got home.A week later,the dogs had more fleas and eggs than the week before.The poor dogs were
    miserable.Also thtere is no way we can prove that the drops caused what happened to the bigger dog.He came inside a couple of evenings later,and whined as if in pain.We couldn’t see anything wrong.His back leg stiffened up and raised above his back and he continued like this for several hours.,walking on 3 legs,and whining.When I let him outside during the night,it seemed a little better,his leg lowered but not yet to the ground.The next morning,he was pretty well normal.Coincidence?I wonder.Could this have been a reaction to the drops?either way.,we will never buy Hartz products again for our pets.

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