Flea Collar chemically burned a ring around my cat’s neck

I rescued my cat while she was still relatively young. I’ve had her for about 8 months now. She hasn’t really ever been outside, and I keep a pretty clean house, but she somehow got fleas. I went to my local Wal-Mart and bought a Hartz flea collar two weeks ago. As I was petting her this morning, I noticed scabbing along the outlines of the collar. I took it off to find this:

I called Wal Mart to try and get them to take it off their shelves but they told me it had to come from higher. I also contacted the company, and I was told that it was my fault, and that I had put the collar on too tight.

I am currently working on trying to have their products banned. How can a company that’s dedicated to bettering the lives of animals make products that can kill them?

2 thoughts on “Flea Collar chemically burned a ring around my cat’s neck”

  1. Ouch! Poor kitty : (
    Pet owners are too trusting with these huge corporations that care more about profit instead of pet safety. I wonder what sort of hell their lab animals go through if they do test their sub-standard products on innocent animals.

  2. i wish i had looked up the product before putting one of these collars on my elderly cat. she had a Hartz collar on for a few days and this morning, when scratching, she started SCREAMING. I checked the area she was scratching and i found a terrible chemical burn on her neck. I know full well that i did not put the collar on too tight because i always put the collars on loose in case they happen to get caught on something, so that the cats do not get stuck

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