[VIDEO] Sargeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On causes convulsions

This is Edmund.  Edmund’s parents applied Sargeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On to the base of his neck.


5 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Sargeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On causes convulsions”

  1. I am so sorry watching you go through that I too lost 7 of my cats withing hours, and 5 of them had seizures and my other 2 were paralyzed, I did get an apology from Hartz, which made not a damn difference, Its been 13 days and I still cry everyday for my lose, again so sorry to see someone else go through it.

  2. We are very sorry to hear that your brother and sister-in-law’s cat is sick. It is extremely important that your brother or his wife contact our Consumer Affairs department at 1-800-224-7387 as soon as possible. In each case where a reaction to any of our products is suspected, we complete a thorough investigation. Millions of doses of Sergeant’s Gold for Cats have been used very successfully by pet parents, but even so, we want to know about any reaction a pet may have. We work one-on-one with the pet owner (in this case your brother or his wife) directly, along with the veterinarian.

  3. Oh my poor kitty. I hope he was ok. 🙁 You have to read labels and educate yourself on things these days and it’s horrible to think this is what people spend their money on thinking they are helping their pets and some reaction happens. 🙁

  4. Oh My Gosh!
    I hope that cat is good now!!!!
    D; that was sad to see =/
    I’m afraid for my cat to use products to clean her.

  5. This video is absolutely heart wrenching. How can this company still be selling this poison! It is absolutely disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves. And in regards to Sergeants’ ridiculous, apathetic message above: it doesn’t matter how many animals have been “ok” after using you’re poison, it’s pretty safe to say that there are plenty of pets that have died or been forever disabled as a result of YOUR unethical practices. What kind of a company sells a product as a pet medication that is meant to protect your pet when in actual kills the pet instead. I am an avid animal lover and advocate and I will never buy Sergeants or Hartz or any other poison. In fact, I will be taking this to my local pet stores as well as telling all my fellow animal lovers!

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