Hartz Flea and Tick Almost Killed My Dog

A few years ago I purchased flea and tick products manufactured by Hartz for our two dogs.  Our boxer lab mix did fine with the medication, but our dachshund almost died from it.  We put the treatment on the dogs in the evening and did not notice any symptoms before going to bed.  However, in the middle of the night I woke up because Bella, the dachshund, was shaking her head violently and making a lot of noise.  I turned on the light and saw she was laying in a pile of drool and was foaming at the mouth.  I immediately called our vet’s emergency number.  One of the first questions they asked was if we had used Hartz flea and tick on her.  They told me many animals had already died due to the product, but there was something we could try.  The vet told me to give Bella a syringe full of hydrogen peroxide, which would induce vomiting and give her a bath immediately.  After we were up all night taking care of her, she finally started acting normal.  This product needs to be banned from store shelves.  I won’t buy anything that has the Hartz name on it, including dog toys.

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