hartz Rid Flea killed three of my cats.

I used this product on two young outside cats and they died the next day.  First they became lethargic.  Then they had tremors.  Finally their breathing got labored and erratic. It took about 4 hours from onset to death.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the flea shampoo killed the cats.  These guys must have good lawyers and a huge advertising budget if anyone considers them a reputable pet company.

Since I didn’t realize the shampoo was the problem, I used it on an inside pet – Jack (RIP) – of 12 years.  Same scenerio, same death about 24 hours after bathing.

THis is unforgivable and has been going on for years as I now see.

Hey Hartz – If this is your idea of  “advanced pet care” perhaps you wouldn’t mind slathering some on your CEO – or your kids.  It could be a fundraiser to compensate owners of dead pets or help animal shelters.

Hey FDA – Do Your Job please.

4 thoughts on “hartz Rid Flea killed three of my cats.”

  1. @ Anthony. It’s not just a matter of using it on kittens causing the problem. It is killing adult cats and dogs. It is toxic and should not be sold. People think Hartz is a trusted name. It may be well known, but they produce many toxic products solely to profit. They don’t care about the pets dying. It’s also not necessary to be so callous and rude to someone that lost beloved pets. You are clearly commenting just to have something upsetting to say just to get a reaction. Hopefully you will mature one day and learn to be more sensitive to others’ feelings

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