Do not use this product! I applied two tubes to my cat, obiously once a month like the instructions say to do. The first application went fine. The next month i applied the 2nd dose and within 24 hours my cat was deathly ill. She was extremely lethargic and would not eat or go to the bathroom for a day in a half. She also could not stand on her hind leg. The next day i took her to the vet only to discover that the vet and vet techs ALL said DO NOT USE this on any type of animal and how surprised they were that the FDA is still allowing this product to be sold. My cat who is 15 got a steroid shot and some fluids and seems to be doing a little better. I am keeping a close eye on her and can only hope for the best. The vet did tell me that she has severe nerve damage which can be associated with Hartz Medication. Please people do thorough research before giving your animal’s any type of medicine.

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  1. I hope your loved one is much, much better. I encouarge you if you have not done so already to please contact National Pesticide Information Center to report adverse effects report. Your vet can also do the same. NPIC reports it to the EPA. Also contact Hartz. Hartz by law is required to file an adverse effects report to the EPA. You may also file a complaint where you purchased the Hartz product. All of us together hopefully can make a difference. If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me. My story is posted her also in May, I have 1 survivor, Saffire. Nightmare experience! I am still dealing with Hartz Corporation.

  2. Mary: I am doing everything in my power to make something happen.If nothing else comes from this then atleast i have done my part in putting the word out there. I have never been so outraged in my life and i hope that one day this so-called medication will be off the shelves for good! I do hope that everything is going well for you and your surviving animal. I am in the process of filing with the above and i want to thank you for taking the time to read my story and give me some helpful insight. I feel that together we can make a difference and stop this awful company from producing this. At this time my cat is doing much better, i am seeing an improvement one day at a time. Mary, again i thank you for your time and helpful insight and i hope you as well as saffire are doing better.

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