Horrified By Hartz and Seargents

I absolutely can’t believe what I have read about these two products.   I have used Hartz/Bio Spot/Sergeants in the past and neither did anything for my animals, I am happy to say they didn’t get sick.  I however didn’t know of the problems and I too will do my best to get the word out.  Thanks to this website – It will save SOOO many lives if we spread the word and let owners know just how DEADLY these products are..  It sickens me to see that they are still in business..  All those poor lost souls over a flea remedy, really?  It’s a good thing that I’ve started purchasing my Dog’s and Cat’s flea medicine from their veterinarian!  I use Vectra it costs A LOT LESS and works great.  I have three animals, two cats and one dog.  Cost  $50 dollars to treat all THREE. 🙂


Good luck to all the doggies and kitties out there during Flea season!

3 thoughts on “Horrified By Hartz and Seargents”

  1. A few years a go I had just moved out on my own for the first time and I adopted a kitten who ended up having fleas really bad… Well I ended up getting Hartz flea spray and at the time I was unaware that pets have been dying or getting injured from this medicine so of course being strapped for cash and Hartz being a cheaper flea medication I used it… After a few days my cat lost his interest in food and started hiding under my dresser.. I would give him a bath and the water turned crimson… and as I towel dried him he would meow as if he was in pain and then he would lay on my chest and curl in a ball after I went to lay down in bed… about a week after I started using Harts my kitten died in my arms after having a seizure… and as his eyes glazed over after he died they glazed over a neon toxic green…. my friend tried to tell me he was just a very sick kitten, but come to find out he had started absorbing the medication into his skin and he got poisoned… I do NOT recomend the Hartz flea products and I would spend the few extra bucks for Frontline or a more well known flea med brand… Don’t loose and animal like I did it’s not worth the heart break.

  2. I purchased hartz flea control shampoo, spray and topical drops.. These do not work. Why are they still on the market.. they should not be allowed. big waste of money.

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