Today is the 09 of July 2012 and it could very well have been the last day of LIFE for my little fur family kittie kat !! Without realizing,I put Hartz flea medication on her and within minutes she started acting different. I went on line and read about this”Damdable Hartz” company and was totally sick myself once I realized what I did to a pet that had put total trust in me to protect her. My soul I know how the rest of you felt when it happened to you and your pet. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to have my pet die at the hands of this “Scandulous HARTZ COMPANY”. I sit here awaiting a return call from my attorney and I want to know what can be done to prevent this from happening to poor unsuspecting pet lovers. I thank God I had the good sense to go on line and find all these comments and with instructions which I followed, I used mild soap and lots of water to wash it off. Within a couple hours my Kittie Kat (name Dazel) began to be more like herself. I swear in the name of everything holy , they have NOT heard the last of this. KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE BY USING THE VET !!

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  1. I am only now reading your comment Debby , I certainly hope you got it ALL washed off before it was too late. How did your precious dog act once you administered the medication ? Did your dog’s attitude change or alter her or his mood ? Our pets look up to us and expect us to take care of them, thereby trusting us. Only the Vet for her from now on. I wish you all the very best Debby !


  2. Lawyers need to put together a class action lawsuit, enough is enough! What Hartz is doing is animal abuse, actually it is animal torture! It’s criminal and charges need to be laid. The Humane Society should bring the ugly truth to light and warn petowners to the dangers of using pesticides on pets.

  3. I wish that i know about this before hand. My sister put this on her dogs and she came by with her pets and two of my cat play with the her dogs. They both got some of the oil on them they are both acting very different. I give both a bath two time and I am trying to get them to eat and drink. I just lost my cat of 19 year I don’t think I can lose another. I looked every where on line trying to find out info about Seargent’s Gold for dogs on cats but no luck. I’m freaking out right now and I don’t know what to do. Both cats are shaking their legs and can’t sit still. They never meow and now they sound like they are in pain. My vet doesn’t open till 9am and I’m disabled and my husband just lose he’s job, I don’t know what I’m going to do. And to top it off my sister’s dogs are starting to get sick too. They need to force feed this shit to the maker’s and their family’s and see if they have a reaction.

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