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  1. In my case it was Tetrachlorvinphos (also sold under the trade name of Rabon). It is found in Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea and Tick spray and collars for cats.

  2. I used the Hartz ultraguard on all three of my dogs i’ve already had to bury one I had to raise from a bottle from four weeks old. Now my mastiff is very sick,and it’s not looking to good for him either.My black and tan will probily be the next in line,don’t use these products if you love and want to keep your pets….

  3. Please don’t use Hartz on your pets, I don’t understand why these products are still on the market, a million years ago you could trust them, I use to use them all the time, but now after using their flea and tick spray on my 3 cats, I have lost one and the other two are sick, I will be devastated if either of them die also. I feel like a bad pet owner in causing his death but everyone says it isn’t my fault, I trusted a company that should have my pets health in it’s sites. That’s wrong because if they cared about the animals they treat or sell items to treat, they would take this stuff off the market and reformulate it, does it only count or matter if it’s a child that dies? Well people these are children, pets can not fend for themselves, they need us as much as a child does.
    If you love your pet as much as your child, do NOT use Hartz in any form. Pass this info to your friends.

  4. My one year old poodle was healthy and active before i used the Hartz & a few hours later he was dead, My 3 year old poodle just barely survived, we had to force feed him and give him drinks with a syringe for days, Do not use Hartz products on your animals, We are heart sick over the loss of our beloved Wilber & it was sad to see the other one so sick, he has lots of bald spots also

  5. I use to work in a pet section of a department store that carried Hartz products about 35 years ago. I realized at that time that the flea shampoo and collars didn’t work well so I haven’t used them in that long and I haven’t tried the fle drops so I haven’t had the tragic lose of a pet and family mamber( that’s how I feel about my dogs and cats) that some have but I feel that the FDA should stop them from putting these products on the market.

  6. please people do not use this flea and tick meds on ur animals. im sad to here some animals have dieded from this. somebody needs to make all the stores stop selling this stuff.

  7. Killed my Sylvester, mybeauriful boy died last nite, with convultions, bit his tounge, tried to chew his mouth, poisoned beyond anything I have ever seen in my life. Hartz, how do you people live with knowing how many por innocent animals you’ve killed….. you need to go out of busines…. What a horror show I had watching my cat die horribly…sick bastards

  8. i have never used these products on my animals i always let the vet treat them. this product should be banned for the market place. you cannot blame the stores that sell this shit to consumers they don’t know, people should go after hartz and sargents for this and put them put them out of business. talk about animal abuse they are the worse kind.

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