Picasso, Betsy, Polly, snuggle bug, Babygirl, Ralph, and mittsey were all victims from hartz!

I have one thing to say never use this product, my mom bought it at walmart thinking she would save a couple bucks and all thanks to them they are dead. We put them on about 4 to 5 hours later Picasso was the first she was walking funny like dizzy like then Ralph was throwing up we called the vet imminently but it was after hours so we had to drive a hour and a half to get there. We were about to leave then Polly passed out we had to bring 3 in the other ones were fine they had to pit them down because the seizers were so bad they gave them something to help it didn’t help..snuggle bug didnt make itwhen we got home Betsy and mittsey were shaking and having siezers and Betsy waited until we got home and kissed my mom on the arm right after her seizure She died in her arms.. We have one cat left he seemed fine I hope he stays that way. My dog is fine. Never use these products. My mom will never forgive herself they were the best cats ever. Rip Picasso Polly Betsy snuggle bug baby girl Ralph and mittsey.. We all loved you so very much.

3 thoughts on “Picasso, Betsy, Polly, snuggle bug, Babygirl, Ralph, and mittsey were all victims from hartz!”

  1. So, so sorry for you. All at once. Good God! Every day I hear this. I want to take the products from the store and burn them in the packing lot. How is the cat and dog?

  2. There doing good. My dog is fine and and the other cat is fine. This is an experience that I am never going to forget about.

  3. Its been a week since they died, and I still can’t forgive myself, they are all my babies ranging in 4years to 5 months, I did get an apology from Hartz like that made a difference. I tell everyone what that product did to my babies, I still have one cat left and the dog seems fine, but I still cant help feel that I tried to help them, and instead I buried them. It hurts so bad, and when I read other stories, I know what they are going through, just trying to make it one day at a time thanks for your support it really does help.

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