my dog and his seizures

since i started using this product my dog has been having seizures, didnt realize till now thats what it is. . what is the next step???

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  1. Have you contacted your vet and made them aware of seizures after the use of Hartz product? File a claim form where you purchased the product. File a report with the National Pesticide Information Center. NPIC will file an adverse effects report with EPA. Your vet can also go to this website and fill out a form. Contact Hartz, but do not be surprised if you are told your pet has a chronic illness and not a result from the use of the product. Be persistent with your complaint! Contact Better Business Bureau. Feel free to contact your state’s attorney general and/or your senator. I hope this information will help you. I hope your pet is feeling much better. My story is posted here also, I lost 4 loved pets after the use of Hartz UltraGuard Plus in April 2012. I deeply, deeply regret using this product. I am still dealing with Hartz. We must not give up!

  2. I also used Hartz Ultra spray on my 2 year old Collie. This was 13 or so years ago. He began having seasures. I didnt associate it to the Hartz until now. The vet thought at first he had epilepsy, but also was in the process of testing his kidneys. In the mean time he put him on epilepsy meds to control the seizures. Well my beloved baby boy died in my arms at the vets office. I have no children so this was a very spoiled pampered pooch. The best dog EVER !! Extremely devistating for my husband and I as well as friends and small family members. A few days later the test results came in and the vet called to tell me it was kidney failure. I asked how and what could have caused it? He said he had to have been exposed to a seriously strong chemical and kidney trouble is not a common problem with the breed. I have been thinking on and off over the years since he’s been gone and trying to figure what it was. Now maybe I know. We have to stand up for the innocent! Our beloved furry family members cant do it for them selves.

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