Cat poisoned by Hartz drops,..treated with Glycopyrrolate.

I bought Hartz Cat Flea drops for the first time this past weekend and applied them on Monday to both of my cats. My larger boy, Tidus, is just fine but my little girl began to develop a skin irritation almost immediately. I washed it off with a mild soap but I could still see the burn marks. I treated them and made an appt for the Vet for today, July 7th. She began to hide in boxes and dark places and was scared of everything. She would not eat or drink unless I set her in front of her food. I took her into the Vet this morning and she was flushed with Glycopyrrolate and given a reversal antibiotic, along with Clavomox for the skin irritation. I found this website a little while ago and see how many cats have been lost to Hartz products.  Lulu is now asleep and I am praying for her recovery. Has anyone elses cat been treated with Glycopyrrolate? Have any cats recovered from these symptoms? I have been reading stories of deaths and want to know if my Lulu has any hope.

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  1. I said a prayer for your Lulu. Yes, there is hope! I have 1 survivor, Saffire, after the use of Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea and tick spray in April 2012. Saffire stayed at the animal clinic from Monday-Friday and received IVs. Saffire is part Maine Coon so she had long hair and today I just call her fuzzy. Hair is coming in slowly; she does not even look like the same cat. Pathologist stated that tetrachlorvinphos can stay in her system for a long time. Saffire had firm stools just as of last week and I was thrilled over poop! So hang in and keep in contact with your vet if you have any concerns at all. Have you filled out adverse effects report with National Pesticide Information Center? Your vet can also do such. Also I encourage you to file a complaint form where you purchased the product. Contact Hartz, by law they are required to report an adverse effect when it is reported. Please keep me updated! Give Lulu a hug.

  2. Thank you for your prayers for Lulu! I have been praying all day everyday.
    Update: She spent the rest of this past weekend in a nest of curtains that I had in the corner of my bedroom. I think the Glycopyrrolate that they flushed her out with had her drowsy. It was a terribly huge amount that they stuck into her small body. I came home for lunch on Monday to check on her and she ran to the door! She is up and about now but still a little weak and twitchy. I am giving her Clavamox every 12 hours. She is eating and using the restroom like normal now also. I know that she is not herself 100% but I am very happy to see great improvement. Please spread the word that Glycopyrrolate can help!! =)

    I will be filing formal complaints and writing letters to Walmart and Hartz about the dangers of their products! They cannot get away with this!

  3. On July 8, 2012 I put Hartz flea drops on my cat Lacey. She was a very healthy and active cat of 3 yrs and 8 months old. She played all afternoon on Sunday & Monday she slept all day. Monday evening she was sitting in the window, jumped down, ate a little food and went to bed. Tuesday morning she did not come down for her breakfast as she normally does and about a hour later she attempted to come down our hardwood stairs and fell down them. I got very upset, ran & picked her up and noticed right away she was not normal. She couldn’t walk without staggering like a drunk and was having trouble holding her head up. I immediately called the vet & rushed her in explaining what happened. I told him I used Hartz flea drops on Sunday afternoon and he said that he has had many cases similar to Lacey’s. She was running a fever, & by the time I got her there she was unable to stand. She was admitted to the hospital and they bathed her right away. They have been running IV fluids and they did bloodwork on her. The bloodwork showed no metabolic process causing her symptoms so it was poisening from the Hartz product. Today we visited her & she would not eat for them & her eyes were constantly moving back & forth and she finally urinated during the night. We brought along her favorite food & blankie and she ate a little for us. She still is unable to walk & her head hangs to the left side like a stroke victim. I am praying that there is no residual effects from this POISON and I am telling everyone not to use it. I did not know about all the adverse effects that these drops caused and it is not labeled on the products packaging. I called Hartz & they denied that their product can cause any symptoms that my Lacey is experiencing. I told them that I expect them to pay all bills incurred by me and damages done to my precious cat. They said that I need a hair sample from the cat to prove that their product was not mixed with another product. Well that is impossible since the first thing they did was bathe her to remove their product. I am very upset that they are allowed to continue to produce this product that is harmful to pets. Maybe the creators of this product should use it on themselves before it is sold for us to apply to our beloved pets.

  4. I am so sorry about your Lacey. I will surely pray for her. Lulu is becoming herself again just a little moody. Ask your Vet about this reversal fluid that they gave to Lulu. It was called Glycopyrrolate. I had my Vet spell it out for me so that I could post it here. They gave her a large amount of the pink fluid & then a small shot as well. I’m not sure which was the Glycopyrrolate but they said that it was reversal and was supposed to clean out her system and slow down all the twitchiness that the Hartz was causing. Please ask. If this could possibly save Lacey its worth a shot. I know that I was devastated when Lulu started showing effects. Please keep me updated. I will keep you and Lacey in my prayers! God Bless.

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