15 years later-it’s so sad :(

I just wanted to comment that 15 years ago, i used a Hartz flea product on my pair of cats on a Saturday evening & lucky for us, we had an Emergency Vet around the corner from us, that saved both their lives. It is IMPERATIVE that an anti poison be given to the animal who has ingested this crap, by a Vet, as soon as possible.
It is so sad to see all these years later, these products still on the shelves. The Vet told me they are constantly threatened with lawsuits if they speak badly of Hartz.

One thought on “15 years later-it’s so sad :(”

  1. I used this hartz flea killing spray on my 9 year old cat . This product literary made him foam at the mouth , in my opinion it might have attacked his nervous system . I don’t know for sure ,what I’m am certain about is I will NEVER use this on my poor kitty again !! Please be sure of what your putting on your families pet. Go to a vet !

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