Molly the mastiff

For the past couple of days I have been drowning my house in the product. I recently just discovered that my furry friend has flees. Not only has this product not worked for me, I’ve spent at least 50$ on there products just within a few days, but none of the products have worked. On top of it my dog has been sleeping for days and I’m wondering what’s going on? I’m very thankful for this website. I’m going to make this as well known as possible, I just e-mailed the greedy company letting them know how disgusting this is. Does anyone know how they are getting away with this?

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  1. Sleeping (lethargy) is a first symptom. If you applied the spray, containing the lethal organophosphate you must get her to a vet asap. Tell the vet what the poison was, they should administer atropine. If you used the S-Methoprene, it is also toxic and should be removed.
    At the very least wash your dog SEVERAL TIMES with dish soap to remove all traces of poison. Likewise the same neurotoxins present in the spray will affect humans!! So I would clean my house and NEVER use the product again.
    ALL these things are poisons, do NOT be lulled into believing they are okay because they are sold over the counter…. they are extremely dangerous.
    I hope you and your dog do ok.

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