I lost my 8 year old cat today

Sangha Bear was the first pet my wife and I purchased while we were still dating.
She was a gorgeous longhair tortoiseshell who loved to play with straws, bite your toes while you were sleeping, and sleep on the toilet.
10 days ago I applied Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick treatment to her skin. Today, she gave a distressed ‘meow’ from the bathroom. My 4 year old son and I entered the bathroom in time to watch her fall off the toilet limp.
I picked her up and rushed to take her to the emergency vet. As I reached the front door, she looked up at me and drew her final breathe.
I can’t believe a product that could deal so much damage to a member of my family without me knowing until it is too late, is able to stay on the shelves.
Thank you for giving me a place to share Sangha’s story. I love her and she will be missed.

June 9th 2012 – We need to get rid of Hartz

BE AWARE!!  That this can happen to your little guy even if u have used this product before.

June 9th 2012 – I purchased Hartz Flea control applied to my cat around 5pm and by 11pm I had  chunks of fur through out my house.

June 10th 2012- Woke to more chunks of hair found through out my house.  Thought it could be form the Hartz Flea Control but he seemed to be his happy self and was in dire need of wanting out for his usual morning outing.

Concerned for him I found this site and was startled that there are so many people with the same problem and nothing has been done to Hartz.

I am nervously waiting for my cat to return.  Tried to locate him, but no luck.  I Thank You All for the advice you have shared and I will give him a bath as soon as I find him.   Fingers crossed he just needs this STUFF WASHED OFF HIM.

Heading back out to see if I can find him.


Thank God I read these posts!

I had some of this stuff in my cabinet and I think it was a little old. I used it on my two dogs the other night and thankfully they haven’t had any side effects. It actually did not work to kill any fleas so I was looking at Advantix. I wanted to see what the ingredients were that are in Hartz to make sure I wouldn’t poison my pets by adding the new treatment. That is how I happened on this site. I think my solution was old and that might be why it didn’t work or that they didn’t have any of these terrible side effects. My heart goes out to every single person who has lost a pet or who has been affected by this terrible product. I have other Hartz products in my cabinet which I have now thrown out. I will never use anything they make again or any of their flea treatments to save a buck. I signed the petition and i strongly urge everyone else to as well so everyone’s voice is heard. I’m not sure if contacting your Attorney General would help but it might be worth a try.

Respectfully yours.

Harts UltraGuard pro question..

I used hartz ultra guard on my car earlier today (Around 10:30am, it’s not 12 hours later) and he;s fine, but i’m going to be letting him visit two other cats this evening, i’ve washed the area down with gentle soap, but i am scared they may get sick if they lick him where he can’t. should i be concerned about this? i’m not 100% sure on their medical conditions, but they are older cats, i think one may have a dietary issue (like diabetic or something similar).
just told my friend who’s cats we’d be seeing about the flea/hartz issue, and i found out one of her cats is highly sensitive to fleas and loses fur, and her boyfriend also gets rashes from them.

what should i do??

How do these people sleep at night?

I wish I had found this website before buying and using this product from my local Petco, who will also be receiving a letter from me about selling this at their stores. As new dog owners, we were unaware that such dangerous, unregulated products could be sold without warning or repercussion. And apparently we were lucky that all that happened to our 9-month-old pup Charlie was a night of vomiting and a $200 vet visit.

Thank you for creating this website, and bravo for having such good SEO that your site shows up above the brand’s own website on Google! I will be spreading the word about this lethal product in every avenue available. My heart goes out to everyone who posted their stories.

Flea Shampoo Gave My Little a Seizure….

I have 2 chihuahuas…Rexx who is 4 years old and his son Little Man who is 9 months old. I had used the flea treatment on them both a month ago and they were fine.They didnt have the flea treatment at the store this month so I bought the Flea Shampoo instead. I bathed them both last night and then today Little Man had a seizure. I wasn’t sure if it was the shampoo or not until I found this website….It breaks my heart to read all of these sad stories and the fact that these products are still being sold even after all of the horrible pain they have caused. Little Man seems normal now hes running around and playing so I’m hoping it didn’t have a permanent effect on him and that he won’t have anymore episodes. I am glad I found this site so I knew the cause and not to buy Hartz anymore!! I dont know what I would do without my babies =(

Lesson Learned

I can’t believe this site exists! I got online to see if I could find a safe flea and tick control product for my cats. This is the second time (I’m embarrassed to admit) I’ve endangered my cats with a Hartz product. Years ago I picked up a Hartz f&t product and used it on my 2 cats. One of my cats started having neurological symptoms (he looked like he was in shock) with in hours of applying the s…stuff. Pepper is a big boy, 15 pounds of lean, sweet cat. By the next morning, he looked even worse. I was really scared and took him into my vet. I hadn’t made the connection yet between the product and his look and behavior. My vet asked me what the greasy stuff was on his coat between his shoulder blades and I said it was flea /tick medication. He looked at me and asked if the product was made for cats. I assured him it was! He asked me if I could smell the stuff…that cats noses are way more sensitive than ours…and if he had that on him, he would go nuts too. He told me to go home and give Pepper a bath and get it off of him. That’s what I did and Pepper returned to normal by the next day. I was blessed that it wasn’t worse than it was. I even took the remaining medication and the box into my vet. I wanted to be sure he knew I had used a product made for cats.

I stayed away from that stuff until yesterday! I guess I was buying for price and didn’t even notice that it was a Hartz product. It was UltraGuard Plus for cats. I applied it yesterday afternoon. Pepper didn’t get much of his dose because he took off like a shot and I couldn’t get near him for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, Rambo and Katy-Did didn’t run fast enough! When I got up today, there were clumps of hair all over the house…from Rambo. It was like a bad dream. I gave him a bath as fast as I could and then scrubbed Katy-Did. When finished, Katy’s coat in the back and down the side of her neck (she spread it around while scratching) was still greasy, so she had to go through bath # two.

I was lucky. I am so sick and sad about all the stories of pets that weren’t so lucky. How can this STILL be happening?? Count me in if there is anything I can do to help in this fight. Hartz’s has to know what is happening and still it goes on!




I have created a 3 page website with lots of information about Hartz products. Please share your story by clicking CONTACT US.

Just buried my cat

This morning I gave my healthy 3 year old cat one dose of Hurtz Ultra Guard One Spot Treatment. By 3 pm he was shivering and squinting. By 4 he had his first seisure. He died at the vets around 6pm. The vet said this is common. The dog is currently looking for his buddy. I see this has been going on for some time. Why the hell is it still on the shelves!?

Kitten just died – Fine before Hartz

I can’t express how angry I am right now. It was four hours ago that my kitten had his young life snatched away from him by Hartz Milk Replacement.

We started feeding it Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens, prior to me knowing about this site. About three hours later, the kitten crawled away under a table, where we thought he was going to take a nap, since he likes to sleep. About another hour passed, and it appeared it was having a bad dream. Seconds after our kitten started what seemed like silently gasping for air. We tried to move him out from under the table, and discovered his whole body was limp. His eyes were in a dead stare, and he wouldn’t blink. Accelerated heartbeat. And very soon after – his young life ended.

We are heartbroken. All the things he never got to see and do. After reasearching online at what could have caused such a sudden thing, I stumbled upon this website, and was instantly stunned to discover that Hartz products caused deaths for other people’s pets as well. A bunch of murderers they are.

If this product did not exist, my kitten would still be alive right now. I know it.