two more posioned cats

my daughter in law has had two cats for seven years. recently she purchased hartz mountain flea control after applying the product the cats were licking each other to get it off. with in four days,she had seizures and a stroke and had to be put down ,a vet confirmed that this flea control product caused this. the other cat hads the same reaction after three weeks. she was washed down in an effort to remove the product.she also had to be put down. needless to say my 11 year old grandaughter was very upset and this product is not fda approved and should be taken off the market immediately, we hope everyone who reads this post will not use this product and stop the needless killing of our beloved pets. this product is still being used by hartz mountain thru greed or stupidity.

Sergeant’s Slaughters

In 2009, the EPA announced that it had noted a significant increase in adverse incidents from pet spot-on products. Over 44,000 incidents were reported in 2008 — a 53% increase over 2007. That sharp increase in adverse incidents prompted the EPA to launch a high-profile investigation of pet spot-on products in 2009.

Recently released documents from the EPA reveal that the majority of adverse incidents reported in 2008 were from Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products, which were sold under the name Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs, Sentry Pro XFC, and TriForce Canine Squeeze-On.

Here is the EPA’s 2007 Aggregate Incident Summary Report for Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products:

Here is the EPA’s 2008 Aggregate Incident Summary Report for Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products:

As you can see, there were 13,946 incidents reported in 2007, and 24,152 incidents reported in 2008 — just for Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products!

Keep in mind that 28,895 incidents were reported for ALL spot-on products in 2007, and 44,263 incidents were reported for ALL spot-on products in 2008. That means HALF of the incidents reported for ALL spot-on products in 2007 and 2008 came from just Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products. It also means that TWO-THIRDS of the increase in reported incidents from 2007 to 2008 came from just Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products. That’s astounding!

I’ve known for several years that Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products were dangerous, but never knew until now just how many incidents had been reported in 2007 and 2008 for those products. It’s now apparent that the EPA’s pet spot-on investigation was initiated primarily as the result of incidents from Sergeant’s cyphenothrin spot-on products.

Sergeant’s has quietly phased out those products, but they were never recalled, and they continue to be sold to unsuspecting pet owners.

Hartz is Poison

True story: 12ish years ago, I used Hartz flea drops, for cats, on my cat Isis. I followed the instructions on the box, which told me to put the stuff all the way down her spine from the base of her neck to the base of her tail. Of course, being a cat, when there was some foreign oily stuff in her fur, she groomed herself to GETITOFFGETITOFF. Next thing I know, she’s going into convulsions. I had to take her to the emergency vet and have her stomach pumped because she ingested poison! $300! Half of which I had to borrow from my brother, because who the heck has 300 extra dollars laying around? Since then I have never ever used any Hartz products and warn all my friends against using them too.

My Dog Got Chemical Burned!

My 6 pound chihuahua got chemical burned from Sargents. My mom applied flea “medication” on to him and within a few hours we seen what looked like a bald spot with blood, so we took a closer look and it was bleeding and extremely raw. Nothing we put on it helped & I have some experience with chemical burn so I knew that that was what he got. He would scream if you even touched near it. All he wanted to do was lay in his crate, he didn’t wanna be touched, he didn’t want to drink, & he didn’t want to eat for 2 days. I had washed off all the flea medicine off by giving him a bath and I also had to put a cone on him so he couldn’t bite on it anymore & continue to make himself bleed. He just today after 2 days of barely moving has been acting somewhat normal.

Inexpensive way to get fleas off animals

Buy a flea comb you can  get the  plastic 2 sided type for about a dollar. Get a  bowl to very  soapy water. Start at the  head of the animal. Do a few strokes with the  comb and look at it  for fleas. If you see fleas on the  comb dip the  comb in the  soapy water the  fleas will drown. Make sure to get all the fleas off the comb  and into the water. Note fleas are hard to squeeze and  kill you have to smash them with  something solid and  you’ll hear them  pop.  Then  continue to comb the  entire animal. 100 % safe and the  only absolutely safe way  to get  fleas off . You need  to vacum  all your floors every  few days and dump the  bag or canister   every time you do. For extra help  get eucalyptus oil. Mix 1-2 tablespoons in hot water in a spray  bottle.  After  you vacum  spray your  carpets furniture & pet  beds. DO NOT USE ON ANIMALS. Fleas hate the  smell of it.  If you happen to have  trees in your yard  you won’t have  fleas.

And PLEASE if you have had a problem with any flea products report it to the EPA, the company and the store that  sold it to you. Also tell people  ,  tell everyone you know, anyone you see in a store looking at  flea products It appears despite  over a decade of fighting  to get this stuff off shelves it’s not  going to happen. THe  last meeting between the  EPA and the  companies that make these dangerous  products was just like all  the other actions the  EPA has  taken, ineffectual, to little to late and will not stop our animals  from being injured and or  killed  by  over  the  counter flea products.  So it’s up to each and everyone of you to try to inform the public. It’s the only way to safe animals. And yes I have been  fighting this battle since 2001 so I  do know what I’m talking about!.

Hartz has been killing for years

I used to be a vet tech.  I can still go back to that career, but I left to pursue a different career.

I worked at several veterinary practices, and at each one there were cats dying from Hartz flea medication.  We saw it on a regular basis.  This was from 2000-2005.  We always warned clients of the dangers.  Many died, some survived.  But the owners would accuse us of trying to sell other products for profit.  That was simply not the case.  Cats came in several times a month after being treated with Hartz flea products.  We bathed them and put them on fluids, and we kept them for a few days to monitor them.  They all had symptoms of poisoning.

As a vet tech and as the “mom” of two cats, I would NEVER use any Hartz products on them.  I don’t even allow them to have that brand of cat toys.  I just do not trust the company.  If your cat has fleas, it’s worth it to spend a little more money on something that works and is trusted by veterinarians.  My cats’ lives and health are important to me.  It’s worth the extra cost.

Hartz flea collars are no better, as I have seen cats have severe reactions to them as well.  Plus, they simply do not work.

There are other brands of kitten formula that work just fine, but again, I have seen Hartz kitten formula kill kittens within 24-36 hours of being fed the first bottle.  Don’t allow your kitten to become a victim.  If you have an orphaned kitten, finding a surrogate is best, but if that is not an option, use a brand other than Hartz.

Remember, I have been in veterinary clinics and have witnessed the horror that comes from using Hartz brand products.  It’s just not worth the risk.  I agree that Hartz products should be pulled from store shelves.  Nobody needs to lose any more beloved pets because of Hartz.  It’s not a quick and peaceful death.  It’s painful and slow.

don’t use hartz products

my 3 year old chihuahua ritz recently got sick he was squinting his eye and had less energy he wasn’t himself so i took him to the vet and i was told he had a cold he is better now but thinking back around the time he started getting sick i had just given him a bath and used the hartz ultra guard plus flea and tick drops i’m not 100 percent sure it was hartz fault but that was the first time thats happened to my dog if your still using hartz products consider using something eles i have

Hartz + abuse killed my cat!

I don’t know why but even tho i read all the stories i always see that 90% of the time are chihuahuas and cats that has been affected by this product!  i just find it ironic!


but anyways my story is that the one  my Thunder , my 1 year old cat. I got him from a family thats best friends  with my best friend. so as expected i trusted them. that until i brought my cat to the vet after i got him to make sure he is healthy.

the vet found out that they have beaten him up and used the Hartz drops. He did blood work and found Hartz drops in his system. the previous owners has directly used those awful drops in his food and water before a few time and never told me. The vet recognized the cat and said that this cat has only a few months left to life due to animal abuse and that the drops were used not as directed. the worst part, the cat is amazingly cute and has 6 toes in all his 4 paws.


HARTZ SHOULD BE STOPPED! its horrible! Thunder is died now. But for those who still have your animals, please consult with your vet before using any kind of product!

Hartz isn’t the only problem.. Sargents has HUGE issues as well…

Here is a copy of my post I did on my facebook page on May 14 …. I have used Hartz products in the past as well as Sargents, My vet was requested to fill out paperwork for Sargents to Review my claims that their product made my dogs very sick… What she wrote on that paperwork I’m sure shocked the socks off the people at Sargents… Both of these companies use very similar products if not the same product distributed under different names… My vet as NOT NICE in what she wrote.. my claims are still under investigation through Sargents! I’m Still very hostile about my dogs getting so sick from something that is suppose to be safe!

Warning to all my friends who have cats and dogs, A few days ago I purchased Sergeants Gold flea and Tick medication (see attached picture). I put it on both of my dogs Friday, With in a few minutes Maddie was wandering around the house crying and dragging her tail on the floor, howling, smacking her lips, her ears were twitching and she looked like her skin was crawling, and she was very agitated, she was having a bad reaction to it, I got her in the bath and managed to get a good majority of it off of her, just to be safe, I gave her several baths over the next few hours and after a few rounds of Benedryl through the weekend she is doing much better. I put the same medication on Sarge at the same time, he did not appear to be having any problems with it, so I figured that it was isolated to Maddie. I did not put him in the bath and let it go. Saturday afternoon (over 24 hours AFTER I put the medicine on) Sarge started doing the same thing that Maddie was doing, I got him into the bath and got him scrubbed down and gave him a bath every few hours, he also got massive doses of Benedryl, this morning he went past the crying stage and had gone to a screaming stage, was rolling around huffing and puffing and was just out of it. I called the vet first thing this morning and they saw him right away, visibly he did not have typical signs of an allergic reaction, after the vet checked him and did some research on this flea medication she figured out it was a toxicity to the flea medication, I had them check Maddie as well, she was in much better shape since I had put her in the bath so soon, but Sarge was much worse because it had fully absorbed into his system. The vet had to give him a shot of atropine to get his heart rate up because it was so slow, she then filled him with several other medications and said that if they did not help that she would have to put him on IV fluids and flush his system. I brought him home and with in a few hours he was even worse, so I called the vet back and she had me bring him back in and they kept him to put him on IV fluids and to hit him hard with steroids and muscle relaxers, because his body was in complete spasm. Hopefully I will be able to pick him up in the morning! I have used this same medication several times in the past and have never had a problem with it, as a matter of fact I purchased several boxes of it the other day to make sure I had enough to get through this summer, I assure you all that it is ALL going to be going back to the store and Sergeants is going to be getting a very nasty letter from me along with copies of my vet bills and vet records showing what this medication did to my two dogs. If you use flea preventative on your pets and start seeing them having any strange behavior or anything afterwards get them to a vet, it is very serious!


Tootsie was really sick from Hartz flea drops!

My beloved 9 year-old poodle, Tootsie, had Hartz put on her neck, by me, to get rid of fleas.  Within a couple of hours, she was throwing up and didn’t even feel like getting up from the floor to walk around.  Also, when I put it on her, she twitched a lot at first. She was sick for about 24 hours after putting on the flea treatment. NEVER AGAIN.