Sergeant’s Flea & Tick should be taken off store shelves!!!

I’ve always used dietary additives to help combat fleas and ticks, along with yard maintenance and regular bathing.  This year, I adopted my first primarily indoor dog, a Miniature Pinscher named Bella.  This little girl quickly became an adored member of the family!  Fleas and ticks hadn’t become a problem, but as an added preventative measure this spring, I purchased Sergeant’s Flea & Tick squeeze on.  The package specified that the product was safe for dogs 33lbs and under, so I assumed it would be safe for my Bella.  The directions said to use an ENTIRE TUBE on her, but I feared possible side effects (as I do with any medication), so I only applied 1/2 the tube.  Within 24 hours, I began to notice that Bella was sleeping, ALOT.  For a Min Pin, this is not normal, at all.  I decided to watch her closely for a day or two, thinking that she may just be adjusting to the heat.  After 3 days, I contacted my vet, who advised me that some lethargy was not unusual after the first application of flea and tick medication.  It took about a week for Bella to get back to normal.  During that week, I noticed Bella scratching at her collar quite a bit also, then a small sore appeared.  I assumed the collar had irritated her, so I removed it and got her a harness.  The sore continued to get bigger for several days, eventually being the size of a quarter at its largest.  It has now been more than a month, the sore has been healing, but still is about the size of a dime.  It is still painful for her if you touch it, and I believe there will be a small scar when it does heal completely.  It infuriates me that, since I’ve discovered this site, this problem has OBVIOUSLY been known for some time.  Something NEEDS to be done immediately, before another unsuspecting pet parent inadvertently injures their loved one!

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  1. I work at a dog kennel. What you described is a hot spot. What caused it, was the oimtment made him itch; and he itched so much the area turned into a “hot spot”. A good thing that will clear it right up and soothe it is DMSO or baby rash butt cream. A pappilion we boarded got one the size of a hockey puck, way too big to treat on your own; we took it to it’s vet. But if it’s a quarter or under treat it right away with DMSO; just a dab. Usually does the trick and saves you a vet bill.

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