this crap killed my cat

Wednesday my wife and I put this crappy they call tick and flea med on our to cat as we did the last time we were up for awhile then went to bed my wife called me at work and told me sumin is wrong with our two cats my oldest boy cat named patches was very sick and hardly moved and my lil autistic sons cat stonewall was starting to act the same way she called the vet they told her to was in dawn dish soap and she did but wasn’t helping she to both in and patches didn’t make it stonewall is alil hes still having sum siezures and his back legs r very soar my boys are having a hard time with losing patches I’m very very upset this crap should be feed to the ones tht made it my wife is tryin to find a good lawyer I feel so sorry for animals tht have been throw this as well as their owners

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  1. Omg. i’m so sorry to hear about your lost. This is horrible and something should be done about it. Is there any possibility of a civil lawsuit? I’ll keep your family in my prayers losing a pet is really terrible and heartbreaking. 🙁

  2. sorry about your loss but please… punctuation. and spelling, i guess, but punctuation is key. your post was nearly unreadable, being basically one long long sentence with no discernable structure.
    i hope your other cat gets better, though.

  3. I am so sorry too! Maybe u can get a class action lawsuit going against Hartz and the store that u bought it at! You can find people on this site or put an ad like on Craigslist for victims of this. RIP SWEET PATCHES!! IF IT WERE MY KITTY I WOULD BE SUEING TOO!! WHAT GREEDY POS TO SELL IT EVEN!! I WOULD EVEN MAKE THEM PAY FOR YUR SON AND YOUR MENTAL SUFFERING.IM SURE EVEN STONEWALL IS SAD MISSING HIS BUDDY PATCHES!! GOD BLESS YOU!!

  4. Also I know about an animal lawyer but he is in Los Angeles and I think he advertises his services at and if u aren’t in Los Angeles maybe still contact him for he may know of a good lawyer near you. He also may take it maybe if it was a class action type suet. Good luck!!

  5. You KILLED my baby. I will spread the word about your poison and murder of pets far, wide, and daily until it is gone.Remove this poison posing as med.from all shelves.

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