Hartz hurt our cats – WHY is this even being sold :(

I bought Hartz flea and tick drops from our local Target and within 24 hrs. They were vomiting, had lots of hair loss with bald rash spots on their necks, and loss of coordination in our 2 older cats. I immediately went looking online for answers/options and found this website.

My husband and I proceeded to bathe all of our cats in hopes to remove the poison off them, but it is still touch and go, especially with our 2 older cats (both 15+) we are very scared for them and can only hope we caught it in time…I don’t even wanna think about if we didn’t.

I CANNOT believe this product is still being sold after what it does to our pets. To read the stories on hear and feel the heartbreak of others from their loss fills me with more angry and I am scared for our cats. This should be taken off the market for good!!

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  1. How are your babies doing? Are they males?our Penny that we lost was a nine year old male. The two females were fine. Pray your guys will be ok.

  2. Cathy – They are doing better now that we got that poison off them, however the two older cats are still are still showing some symptoms. Looks like a vet trip in the near future, I really hope it hasn’t done serious damage to them.

    All of our fur-babies are girls. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for the prayers, I am glad to hear your other two girls are OK!

  3. I hope your cats will heal, how long has it been since you put the stuff on them? My vet said it could just wear off in about a week….
    I used hartz ultra guard on my coyote Frodo. (I am licensed to have him). A few days after applying he went blind in both eyes. that was thursday, happened overnight. He was eating that day although confused and scared. I bathed him thoroughly twice. Vet has given us antibiotics and steroids. But he wont eat now so Im crushing pills in water and squirting in him mouth. He can still swallow. He is having seizures, vomited several times, and has dark black / blood stools. I’m afraid I’m going to have to put him down tomorrow and end the suffering. I wish the stuff would wear off, but Im afraid its done too much damage.

  4. OMG I am so sorry for your cats,but the fact is I almost bought several boxes today at Walmarts.I was told they took out the chemical that was affecting cats years ago.So I felt safe to buy it now.Something in my mind said NO.I am so glad I didn’t after reading your post.
    I think I am going to resort to spraying my yard and shampooing all of my cats.

  5. It wore off about about week to a week and a half for the older cats and this was after several (4 or 5) baths to get off any and all of the Hartz product. The two younger cats were fine after a couple days, I will NEVER buy that product again. I am looking into natural products now.

    Tomi – I hope Frodo pulled though, it is horribly sad when any of our pets suffer when we are only trying to protect them.

    To think that Hartz knows and still markets the product is ridiculous, I really hope the product gets pulled off the market soon – it is dangerous!

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