Please stop blaming each other..!!!

I’m very sad when I read pet owner’s stories of how their ‘babies’ suffered and died at the hands of what should have been a harmless flea treatment..   I’m stunned when I read hateful and judgmental comments to those people, accusing them of killing their own pets or questioning why they didn’t do more or do it sooner, etc…  Thankfully, I have not been on the receiving end of any criticism but it’s horrifying to me that we keep hurting each other with blame and accusations.  Unless you’ve been in the EXACT situation someone was in, you have no right to blame or criticize.  We all do the best we know how to do in any situation.  Sometimes it’s effective, sometimes it’s not but we do the best we can.  Sometimes, no matter what length we go to in trying to save our pets it’s still not enough.  I couldn’t get my cat to the vet right away because my car wouldn’t start and I live in a very rural area.  It was 3:00 am and I simply didn’t have anyone to call for help.  Looking back, I suppose I could’ve tried to find a cab but I was in such a panic that I didn’t even think of that option.  I refuse to allow anyone to criticize me for that.  I did the best I could with what I had at the time.  No one was there that night but me, so no one will ‘tell’ me anything about what I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done.  Please stop hurting each other even more than we’ve already suffered.  No one wants their pets to die and most especially, to die in such a horrible way as the Hartz Company is causing.  We need to support and encourage each other – not add insult to injury.  Please.

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  1. We didn’t even figure out for 2 weeks that the drops and shampoo killed our cat. We called an emergency vet and they said it sounded like flea anemia. We had no idea. Poor Penny he suffered for a week if we had only known that we could have washed of the drops and he might have had a chance. We did the same to the other 2 cats and they were fine, but 1 in 3 odds is not good enough. When I called hartz they said sorry for my loss but shouldn’t have used the two products together! No where on the package does it say not to use with other products. Most consumers trust Hartz as being a safe product. Designed for pets. You wouldn’t give someone you love something that had a 1 in 3 odds chance of killing them.
    This has been going on for 10 years but I think the word is getting out and I pray and end will come to this. So sorry for your loss.

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