My cat died because of this

My cat Lil Mo died suddenly on May 23 of this year for weeks me and my husband tried desperately to figure out why and what had caused his death it wasn’t until today when I seen the recall posted on a friends facebook page and started reading some of the stories on here that I realized what the cause was. Two days before he died me and my husband bathed both of our cats and afterwards treated them with the flea and tick treatment from Hartz two days later I watched my cat suffer so bad the night of his death because he wasn’t able to breathe, gasping for air, and within a matter of minutes he was gone. This company should be shut down because clearly they did not take the time to research and test their products like they should have. My cat was my best friend and companion it breaks my heart everyday knowing he is no longer with us and now after reading the stories and knowing that this could have been prevented it makes me sick to my stomach. I pray to God this company is shut down and the products are pulled from the shelves because no pet owner should have to watch they’re pet suffer like I had to.

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  1. Please sign the petition. Report it to the EPA send an email to Hartz make them accountable they have to report a death. We didn’t figure it out for 2 weeks that it was the shampoo and drops that killed out big boy Penny. There are probably lots of other people that don’t realize it either. Please help spread the word. I am so sorry for your loss I know how much it hurts. Check out Hartzhurtz on facebook and let everyone know. Thank you

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