My cat almost died because of Hartz Flea Treatment

I used Hartz flea drops on my cat, Hobo and within four or five hours, he was gasping and struggling to breathe. It was horrible. I didn’t think he would make it to the vet’s office. My vet said they’ve seen many animals become so sick they died because of this product. I contacted the Hartz company and they acted as if they’d never heard of such a thing happening. They suggested that Hobo must’ve gotten into some sort of household chemical. He’s okay now, but I will NEVER use another Hartz product, including toys and other products, again. I was stunned when I saw this website on facebook. I can’t believe this company is still allowed to injure and kill animals…

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  1. I am sorry, this has gone on for many years.. Our girls were poisoned by this crap in 2008… We owe their survival to the emergency vet who took our call & walked us through the decontamination process .. We need to do all we can to spread the word to prevent further injuries & deaths from the company’s negligence…. I pray Hobo will fully recover..

  2. Thanks Larry.!! He’s doing okay now but he still has coughing spells that may never go away… At least he survived. I keep reading heart-breaking stories from people who’s pets suffered terribly and then died. I’m stunned that this company continues to get away with this. I’m definitely telling anyone who will listen about my experience and what I’ve learned about Hartz. Thanks again for your concern.! Jennifer

  3. Hi knoxjen i think i killed my dog with the hartz drops:”( someone just posted not to use this on fb n i remember perfectly i used it.u said your pet had coughing spells can u explain more of the symptoms i feel terrible i lost my 16 yr old dog a week b4 my bassett beagle died she was almost 12 n perfectly healthy until she started coughing like 3 weeks earlier we thought she got a cold from laying on the ac vent all the time n the day she died she had breathing problems but it was a sunday n our vet couldnt be in until 6 she died around 2 n it still hurts to think bout it.i cant stop thinking about what i did now.:(

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