Sergeant’s Gold and Hartz Flea and Tick

What a night.  First off, my 2 year old 28 lb wire-haired doxy terrier mix is sensitive to meds and foods.  Last year he was fine with flea spot treatment.  This year I first put a Hartz spot flea item on him and he ended up going nutsy and frothed at the mouth.  Luckily it stopped in a couple hours or I would have been off to the vet.  So…..this month I decided to try something different.  I read the labels and chose Sergeant’s Gold because it had different chemicals.  I decided to get the puppy one for small dogs (thank heavens) and I only put 1/2 a tube on my dog’s back.  Almost immediately he started running around outside and rolling on the grass trying to wipe it off.  After a little bit, I decided I’d better wash it off.  I used dog shampoo which was wrong I later found out.  Supposed to have used dish soap but they say nothing about these things on the box.  B-2 (my dog) was miserable all night biting at himself and crying and not being able to move without pain. First thing in morning I called vet and made an early appointment.  I also bathed him twice. They said call Sergeant’s emergency phone number also which I did.  Cut fur off, and soak his back with Vitamin E oil and cold packs.  The Vitamin E oil works right away, thank heavens.  Forget the cold packs cause that seems to hurt.  I did cancel the vet and unless we don’t continue to improve, I’ll take him in but my dog is also frightened in the car so an unnecessary car trip is not a good thing.  Turns out, this happens all the time. They told me, what was happening is the skin is inflamed and the dog is experiencing pins and needles every time he moves and even when he’s not. Poor thing.  Unfortunately we don’t read these posts before we use some products.  Sure wish I had.

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  1. My friend posted on facebook about how to not use hartz products (earlier today my mom treated both the dogs with their flea treatment) i immeadiately jumped up & looked at what she used & it was hartz. Bith dogs have been throwing up & itching like crazy. As soon as i read your post i gave both the dogs a bath, its 2 am now. So hopefully in the morning they feel better, if not im giving another bath & a shave.
    I cant believe this!!

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