two more posioned cats

my daughter in law has had two cats for seven years. recently she purchased hartz mountain flea control after applying the product the cats were licking each other to get it off. with in four days,she had seizures and a stroke and had to be put down ,a vet confirmed that this flea control product caused this. the other cat hads the same reaction after three weeks. she was washed down in an effort to remove the product.she also had to be put down. needless to say my 11 year old grandaughter was very upset and this product is not fda approved and should be taken off the market immediately, we hope everyone who reads this post will not use this product and stop the needless killing of our beloved pets. this product is still being used by hartz mountain thru greed or stupidity.

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  1. These products are labeled as DO NOT USE ON CATS. Again, permethrin is the highly toxic / lethal substance in this stuff. Dogs are able to handle it but cats cannot. These products don’t do a good job anyway but be smart about buying these and PAY ATTENTION TO THE LABEL!

  2. Rebecca- There is a Hartz product specifically made FOR CATS. It is advertised on their website. However, it does say very clearly in the instructions to separate multiple animals until the product completely dries (usually 24 hours) so they don’t attempt to groom each other. Any flea medication, including Frontline, Advantix, etc. contains this same warning. I have 3 cats and 3 dogs. When applying everyone’s medication once a month- we keep everyone apart for about a day afterwards just as a precaution. We use Frontline, and in 8 years we have never had an issue. Ready instructions is very very important.

  3. And if this product were only killing pets when they licked it off of each other then this wouldn’t be an issue, but that’s not the case. The instructions say not to let them groom each other afterwards, but I’ve known tons of other products that have the same warning, and have never had or seen a problem with them, and I worked in a vet hospital for 3 years. This is a dangerous product, nothing more to it.

  4. I am so glad I have read this!! Thank you for the info. I gave my two dogs this about a month ago and they did the same. They both got vary sick and I was scard. Thank fully they were ok after, but they were sick for almost a week. Its a shame that this product is still on shelfs.

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