My Dog Got Chemical Burned!

My 6 pound chihuahua got chemical burned from Sargents. My mom applied flea “medication” on to him and within a few hours we seen what looked like a bald spot with blood, so we took a closer look and it was bleeding and extremely raw. Nothing we put on it helped & I have some experience with chemical burn so I knew that that was what he got. He would scream if you even touched near it. All he wanted to do was lay in his crate, he didn’t wanna be touched, he didn’t want to drink, & he didn’t want to eat for 2 days. I had washed off all the flea medicine off by giving him a bath and I also had to put a cone on him so he couldn’t bite on it anymore & continue to make himself bleed. He just today after 2 days of barely moving has been acting somewhat normal.

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  1. If it has not healed yet try putting a small amount of bag balm on it. Comes in a green square can. You can get it at most super markets and any farm and fleet type store. It is what is used when cows udders get chapped. One of my kitties has a area on his belly that he licks raw and it is the only thing that helps.

  2. My dogs had the same thinsg with the chemical burn where I applied the flee medication. I had to take them to the vet becuase it was so bad.

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