Hartz is Poison

True story: 12ish years ago, I used Hartz flea drops, for cats, on my cat Isis. I followed the instructions on the box, which told me to put the stuff all the way down her spine from the base of her neck to the base of her tail. Of course, being a cat, when there was some foreign oily stuff in her fur, she groomed herself to GETITOFFGETITOFF. Next thing I know, she’s going into convulsions. I had to take her to the emergency vet and have her stomach pumped because she ingested poison! $300! Half of which I had to borrow from my brother, because who the heck has 300 extra dollars laying around? Since then I have never ever used any Hartz products and warn all my friends against using them too.

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  1. On the box there are warnings that say DO NOT USE ON CATS. The ingredient permetherin is highly toxic to cats. This is the reason these products should only be sold at a vet hospital because too many people don’t read labels and kill their own animals. I don’t like these products period but they cannot sell these products without the warning labels on them. It’s usually right on the front of the box. DO NOT USE ON CATS! Next time, read your ingredients.. and if it says for dogs only, then dont get it for your cat.

  2. Actually, Rebecca, there was no such warning. Please do not insult my intelligence by assuming I did not read all the words on the box thoroughly. The product I bought was Flea & Tick Drops FOR CATS. Specifically, FOR CATS. One more time, it was a Hartz product designed FOR CATS. So it was made very clear to me when I purchased the product that I was supposed to use it ON MY CAT. There was no label on the front of the box claiming I should not use the product on my cat. In fact, it was very clearly FOR CATS, with the added bonus of there being a picture of a cat on the box itself. The directions on the box even had a diagram OF A CAT showing how the drops were to be applied from the base of its neck, between the shoulder blades, down the spine to the base of the tail. There were words there that I read that supported the picture instructions too. This was 12ish years ago, and nobody ever taught me about specific chemicals not being safe for cats. I was naive and assumed that if the product was made FOR CATS, as this one was, that mine would be perfectly safe.

  3. Rebecca, you are the person who is not reading exactly what is written. In her original post she stated the box said…”for cats”. I’ve seen these everywhere pet products are sold…go to Walmart and see….and stop pouring salt in the wounds of owners….If Hartz is selling this product with the words for cats on it..pictures of cats…then the fine print says do not use on cats….they need to be sued!

  4. I also used Hartz FOR CATS and my cat almost died. I am an intelligent person and I know how to read. I am not ignorant enough to purchase any chemical to be used on a living creature without having first read every word of the instructions and the warnings as well. I did not see anywhere on the box or the individual tubes where it said “DO NOT USE ON CATS”. The product sold for dogs states not to use on cats, but – as both Rebecca and Ehzoterik have stated, there ARE pictures on the box as well as words indicating that the product we bought is FOR CATS… It’s difficult enough losing a pet and/or watching it suffer without having to suffer through the insensitive (and very wrong) opinions such as yours. My cat and I were both traumatized by this experience and I’m sure anyone who has watched their pet struggle to breathe and go into convulsions and sometimes even die right before their eyes was traumatized, too. We don’t need anyone smugly telling us that we killed our own pet. We are only guilty of trusting a company that has been around a long time and who claims to be experts on pet care. I’m guilty of that. I think Ehzoterik and Rebecca are guilty of that. But we ARE NOT guilty of killing or injuring our pets due to ignorance. Please stop hurting people with your flip and off-handed comments.

  5. People are hurting enough from losing a pet they don’t need to be told they can’t read or it was their fault. Let’s put our attention into getting this stuff off the market. Yes some people can use it and no problem but it is too high of a risk. I put little paper tags on the shelves where ever I see Hartz products I tell them this product may kill your pet and refer them to this website then people can choose for themselves if they want to use it. There are black box warning on meds for people if they cause death at the very least Hartz should put warning on the package.

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