Inexpensive way to get fleas off animals

Buy a flea comb you can  get the  plastic 2 sided type for about a dollar. Get a  bowl to very  soapy water. Start at the  head of the animal. Do a few strokes with the  comb and look at it  for fleas. If you see fleas on the  comb dip the  comb in the  soapy water the  fleas will drown. Make sure to get all the fleas off the comb  and into the water. Note fleas are hard to squeeze and  kill you have to smash them with  something solid and  you’ll hear them  pop.  Then  continue to comb the  entire animal. 100 % safe and the  only absolutely safe way  to get  fleas off . You need  to vacum  all your floors every  few days and dump the  bag or canister   every time you do. For extra help  get eucalyptus oil. Mix 1-2 tablespoons in hot water in a spray  bottle.  After  you vacum  spray your  carpets furniture & pet  beds. DO NOT USE ON ANIMALS. Fleas hate the  smell of it.  If you happen to have  trees in your yard  you won’t have  fleas.

And PLEASE if you have had a problem with any flea products report it to the EPA, the company and the store that  sold it to you. Also tell people  ,  tell everyone you know, anyone you see in a store looking at  flea products It appears despite  over a decade of fighting  to get this stuff off shelves it’s not  going to happen. THe  last meeting between the  EPA and the  companies that make these dangerous  products was just like all  the other actions the  EPA has  taken, ineffectual, to little to late and will not stop our animals  from being injured and or  killed  by  over  the  counter flea products.  So it’s up to each and everyone of you to try to inform the public. It’s the only way to safe animals. And yes I have been  fighting this battle since 2001 so I  do know what I’m talking about!.

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  1. There are a few problems I have with your blog. While the flea comb will take care of the adult fleas, it has no effect on the flea eggs and larvae. Fleas do not hate any smell enough not to live there. Trees do not repel fleas. Female fleas lay up to 50 eggs a day, 2/3 of which are female which will lay up to 50 eggs a day! They have to be killed with a flea treatment, not just a comb and water. Perhaps that is why you have been battling since 2001. My advice, use a good brand, Frontline Plus, Advantage, or FirstShield, or even better Revolution. Good luck!

  2. I put salt water in a spray bottle…I spray furniture and carpet with it..harmless, non poisonis and kills fleas…it dehydrates them…the eggs too…they die! Do this every week or so vacuum once it’s dried as normal.

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