Hartz has been killing for years

I used to be a vet tech.  I can still go back to that career, but I left to pursue a different career.

I worked at several veterinary practices, and at each one there were cats dying from Hartz flea medication.  We saw it on a regular basis.  This was from 2000-2005.  We always warned clients of the dangers.  Many died, some survived.  But the owners would accuse us of trying to sell other products for profit.  That was simply not the case.  Cats came in several times a month after being treated with Hartz flea products.  We bathed them and put them on fluids, and we kept them for a few days to monitor them.  They all had symptoms of poisoning.

As a vet tech and as the “mom” of two cats, I would NEVER use any Hartz products on them.  I don’t even allow them to have that brand of cat toys.  I just do not trust the company.  If your cat has fleas, it’s worth it to spend a little more money on something that works and is trusted by veterinarians.  My cats’ lives and health are important to me.  It’s worth the extra cost.

Hartz flea collars are no better, as I have seen cats have severe reactions to them as well.  Plus, they simply do not work.

There are other brands of kitten formula that work just fine, but again, I have seen Hartz kitten formula kill kittens within 24-36 hours of being fed the first bottle.  Don’t allow your kitten to become a victim.  If you have an orphaned kitten, finding a surrogate is best, but if that is not an option, use a brand other than Hartz.

Remember, I have been in veterinary clinics and have witnessed the horror that comes from using Hartz brand products.  It’s just not worth the risk.  I agree that Hartz products should be pulled from store shelves.  Nobody needs to lose any more beloved pets because of Hartz.  It’s not a quick and peaceful death.  It’s painful and slow.

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  1. Thank you for your comment and information…..My dog suffered greatly from the Hartz tic and flea formula…he had burns on the area it was applied…he was sick for days …I am outraged this product is on the market still !

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