Hartz + abuse killed my cat!

I don’t know why but even tho i read all the stories i always see that 90% of the time are chihuahuas and cats that has been affected by this product!  i just find it ironic!


but anyways my story is that the one  my Thunder , my 1 year old cat. I got him from a family thats best friends  with my best friend. so as expected i trusted them. that until i brought my cat to the vet after i got him to make sure he is healthy.

the vet found out that they have beaten him up and used the Hartz drops. He did blood work and found Hartz drops in his system. the previous owners has directly used those awful drops in his food and water before a few time and never told me. The vet recognized the cat and said that this cat has only a few months left to life due to animal abuse and that the drops were used not as directed. the worst part, the cat is amazingly cute and has 6 toes in all his 4 paws.


HARTZ SHOULD BE STOPPED! its horrible! Thunder is died now. But for those who still have your animals, please consult with your vet before using any kind of product!

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