Hartz Flea Drops almost killed my puppy?!

I got my puppy from a rough situation. The owner was not taking care of her and about 20 other pitbull puppies. So as soon as I got her I took her to the vet. They gave her medicine for fleas and worms. It was NOT Hartz. When Lucy was about 14-15 weeks old, I went to the store and got her Hartz flea drops. This was in November of 2011. Later that night, I noticed my usual energetic puppy had been laying on the floor in the same position. She wouldn’t come to me and barely even acknowledged that I was talking to her. Her breathing was very rapid. She was shaking violently. I took her to her water bowl. She drank some and proceded to throw up everywhere. Then she started to drool heavily. Then she started having violent diarrhea. Her breathing changed to shallow. And sometimes she stopped breathing altogether. I called her vet who had emergency hours (his clinic was 25 mins away) and he said to bring her right in. We rushed her in. I told him, I thought it was a reaction to her flea drops. He assured me it wasn’t. He did tests for Parvo, even though she was already vaccinated against it. Every test he did, came up negative. She was at the vets for nearly a week. She almost died. After reading everything today, I KNOW it had to be the Hartz flea medicine. My vet had said that it wasn’t the flea drops, so I never thought about it again. After 5 weeks of fighting for her life before I got her, I almost lost my precious puppy to something that was supposed to keep her healthy. It makes me so sad that so many pets have lost their lives to this..My Lucy is a survivor, and I will continue to tell her story and how Hartz can kill.

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